Wednesday, April 30, 2014


This has been a busy week for scrapbooking. I have lots of projects that need finishing. There are two projects for NSD, one for the Stromsvigt "12 in 14" post that goes up on Monday and also my part of this challenge at the SC forum. As you may also remember I have committed to making 5 scrapbook layouts and 8 PL pages using the "Bluegrass Farm" kit. Here is my 6th PL page made:

I'm running out of cards that I like from Bluegrass Farm so I mixed in a few older cards as well. 

Here is a small sneak to my "telephone" challenge layout. I will blog as soon as everyone in my group has finished the challenge.



  1. Thanks for sharing! I love your page :) I have had a productive scrapbooking week as well! It feels great to get things done.

  2. Great spread, and I love that sneak! Tags are just so great to layer with.

  3. Love your pages! Really love the 4x6 with three photos.