Monday, April 14, 2014


Filthy thieves stole my wallet this weekend, when me and my daughter went to have lunch and do some shopping in the city. So all of a sudden we were stranded in town with no money and no buss pass to get home. Luckily my mother lives within walking distance and she lent us some cash to finish the shopping and go home. Cancelling and replacing all the cards is a hassle, but what was worse is the tickets from my daughter's dance recital and the wardrobe tags from the D-A-D concert we went to were still in my wallet. I was going to put them in my PL, but now I can't. That's the sad part. Blergh! I guess I will have use for the "NOT MY DAY" overlay in the Bluegrass Farm PL kit...

Well, here's my PL page about the concert, without the wardrobe tags.

Materials: Bluegrass Farm PL kit, the washi is from the Tabasco addon, the alpha card is from the Office Hours PL kit. I also used some digital templates from Paislee Press.



  1. Sorry that happened, what a bummer. So glad that your mom was nearby, otherwise that could have been quite scary.

  2. That is the worst! It feels like such an invasion of privacy. Happy to hear it all turned out good though! I love your spread!

  3. What a crummy thing to have happen! Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of the day with your daughter. Great looking page, so clean and the (digi) stamps look fab!