Monday, May 2, 2016


I've started in on my April pages for our Project Life album. Last month I managed to put together twelve (12!)pages, but April won't be nearly as many. I've only been able to share one of those pages, yesterday on my blog, because the rest of them I made for my upcoming "Pocket Page Design" class for Big Picture Classes. I had so much fun design the pages and the class, and I learnt a lot myself. I really hope you will check out my class when it arrives! I have no definite date yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I have.

If you'd like to make a set of donut coasters for yourself check out this pin.

And here is a sneak of Kellie Stamps May digital stamp release. I will be posting the full project on May 5th, which is also the release date for the new sets.


Sunday, May 1, 2016


This year I've taken the time to read more books than I did last year. I like to document the books I read with short reviews included in my project life album. I also document our children's reading progress, which I'm sure they'll appreciate as adults.

All reading related digital brushes in these pages come from the digital Book Nerd set by Kellie Stamps.The "bookworm" plastic word is from a Studio Calico addon from last year. I had SO much trouble attaching it! I tried gluing it on three times. The third time I put a weight on top and it actually stuck to the page protector, but instead the "bo" broke off as I turned the page. Gah! I just gave up, ripped the rest of the word off and used my tape roller to attach it. So annoying people! Plastic words do not belong on the outside of page protectors...

Tomorrow I'll be sharing more of my April PL pages!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I've been told so many stories about our family history, especially by my paternal grandmother. Sadly I was too young then to understand that I should write them down. I wouldn't remember them all! Before I forget anything else I'm now writing everything down that I have in my head. I found this class at Big Picture Classes, and I found it a great starting point for my documenting. 

It's hard to know where to start, so just like in the class I started documenting relationships and births. This was my first layout and it tells the story of our lives at the time our kids were born.

I used a photo from our trip to Mallorca last summer to document the story of how we met. (Our houses were in the same street when we grew up, although we never spoke at the time.)

This is my favorite photo of my dad who passed away in the fall of 1999. He was born in 1934 hence the title. 

And this is how far I've gotten, the story of how my paternal grandmother had to move away from the family farm and how she then met my grandfather. In this photo she's 20 years old. She was born in 1913 and passed away in 2004. I miss her like crazy!

I'll be sharing more of this project as it progresses. 


Saturday, March 19, 2016


My daughter and I love doing perler beads together. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and fun patterns. I've pinned so much fun crafts for us to do and this time we wanted to make something for Easter. 

We started out making bunnies and eggs using perler beads.

After ironing them we let them cool down a bit, then used a glue gun to attach wooden scewers to the backs.

I pulled out some terracotta pots from the shed and we planted grass seeds. This part was a little messy, so we worked outside.

My daughter arranged the bunnies and eggs in the pots, and we placed them in our sunniest window. A week later they look like this!

These will be super cute on our table just in time for Easter. 


Friday, March 18, 2016


Another layout using Kellie Stamps March release. I'm so happy that I decided to do layouts this month, rather than PL spreads. I do have parts and pieces of at least ten Studio Calico scrapbook kits, but so rarely make layouts these days. When I do, it's like "Oh yeah, THIS is what I used to do!" 

I started out trying to make a grid layout using two photos of my kids ice skating this winter. I enjoy working in PSE putting my design together and then printing it in separate layers, but I just couldn't get it right this time. Then I removed one photo and this happened. I like it so much more! I found a gold transparancy that I cut a few banners from and also a pack of gold thickers that I used for snow flakes.

I hope you haven't missed out on the fact that Kellie will be releasing her designs as clear stamps as well! She has extended her pre-order until the end of March 19th Aussie time! So hurry!


Saturday, March 5, 2016


The March release from Kellie Stamps is here! I have used the AM to PM digital brush kit to put together a collage of my current favorites.

I used my two inch circle punch to create a fun grid and added a die cut heart to break up the grid a bit and put focus on the photo of me and the kids.

In the center you can see my most recent purchase for the 2016 Reading Challenge, Stephen King's new book The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. I'll be adding a short review of it on my Pinterest board as soon as I finish it. My favorite album at the moment is Stormar by Lastkaj 14,a local band. I warmly recommend finding it at Spotify! My favorite youtube channel for fun nail art is HannahRoxNails.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I know that I have talked about this before, but I don't know how many of you that knows about it. In the late fall of 2011 I was diagnosed with stress related depression. Basically I was burnt out from too much everything. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. I have recieved therapy for this, payed for by my employer, which has helped none what so ever. I have also tried meds which has helped more. 

Recently I was recommended this book by a woman who holds a destressing class at our local doctor's office. I've only gotten as far as the first chapter, since each chapter has a set of homework that needs to be finished before taking the next step with the next chapter. 

The thing I've been working on so far, is to make decissions that help me destress in the long run rather than in the short term. When you are very stressed you make so many split second decissions that seems to be the easiest way out at the moment, but ends up adding to your stress in the long run. For example, saying yes to something because it relieves you of the stress of having to dissappoint someone, and then you end up stressing even more because in reality you can't or don't want to do what you said yes to. In the worst case scenario it leads to this person asking you again, because you said yes the first time, and you end up going through the whole situation multiple times.

Step one for me is to identify these situations where I make decissions that actually make things worse, and do the right thing next time. Sort of learning to go against your instincts (short term stress release). It's hard, but I already feel it working. 

So how does this relate to the subject of this blog- crafting? Obviously I have given my priorities a long hard thinkover. Is crafting stressing or destressing? And I have realised it's both. Is it worth the large portion of my time it takes up? Yes, it is! Am I willing to let something go to be able to craft? Yes, I am, and yes, I have. (The last time I sat down to watch a TV-show a certain time on a certain day was in 2008.)

My decissions for me as far as crafting goes is...
- I will stop putting preasure on myself to make layouts (something I've been doing a lot less of in the past year)
- I will quit a sub when I feel that it's putting preasure on me to make things just to use up the products
- I will not feel guilty when I don't finish something (goodbye old DD's!)
- I will not let anyone guilt trip me for making time for crafting while letting other things go
- I will not be making shit for free! If you want me to do something for you, you will pay me for my time and the products I use. 

I will be sticking with PL because I've never struggled to stay up to date. Layouts take much more work, and I will only make those when I feel like it. So here are a few more February pages from my album:

Don't you love the Sunday digi brush on the card above? It's part of a set from Kellie Stamps released this month. It includes the days of the week plus all the months of the year. I just love the design! Get it here

Take it easy people!