Sunday, November 22, 2015


I've been waiting almost a year for this class, ever since I paid for the Day by Day class bundle in February or so. Catherine Davis is one of my very favorite scrapbookers and PL's. Her design skills are devine!

Week One challenge was to make a PL spread and repeat details on both pages to make it cohesive. I had ran out of PL cards from my SC kit, so I used some patterned paper and some of Ali Edwards Spark kit cards. This is the first spread for the month of November.

The embellishments are from Ali's Black & White kit and the digi brushes are by Little Lamb & Co.

And this is the third page for November, and it is made with my last SC PL kit as a subber.

So I will be attempting to do 2016 without a PL kit sub. There is no way I could have started out like that, but 2016 will be my fourth year so I'm hoping to have enough routine to work from my stash, digital products and Ali's story kits. I'm not sure I will by a core kit since the cards are so thin, and I'm not used to that. I will will probably buy a kit or addon or two from SC during the year as well, but I plan to not go back to subbing. We'll see how it goes!

The Movie Night digi brush is by Kellie Stamps and can be found here. I added a photo of Lavagirl behind the digi brush layer in PSE, and made a clipping mask. I then added the bottom portion of the stamp in black on top. Here's a closer look:

So will you be doing a December Daily album this year? I've decided to make an attempt this year. I succeded in finishing my DD in 2011. In 2012 and 2013 I only made it halfway through and last year I didn't bother. I plan to make a very simple album, close to this one by Jamaica. 


Saturday, November 14, 2015


This blog post was already scheduled before the terrible events in Paris. I was saddened to wake up to the horrific news this morning, and my thoughts go to everyone affected. It is so very difficult to understand what anyone would think to accomplish by such an act.

I will still share the pages I had planned to share with you today. 

As I told you about yesterday I purchased these Halloween printables and these Crisp digital stamps by Little Lamm & Co to use in my October PL album. Here are my last three pages for October.


Friday, November 13, 2015


This week I'm sharing my fall PL pages, and today it's time for the month of October. It's my favorite month of the year for so many reasons. Nature is beautiful, I get to wear my favorite clothes, the food is delicious (apple pie, soup, hot tea!) and last but not least my favorite TV-shows come out with the new episodes. 

For the month of October I could have wished for a PL kit with more fallish colors than the one I recieved from Studio Calico, but I mixed in Ali Edwards "Black & White" and "Spark" kits plus some awesome printables from Little Lamm & Co and managed to capture the mood of October with their help.

Page 1: The whole family started the month ny catching tonsilitis, and our son added some impetigo to that. Two weeks on and off of being sick, so not many photos was taken at the beginning of October.

Page 2: The celebration of my birthday had to be postponed because we didn't dare invite anyone and make them sick too. The pretty dotted card is from Tina Aszmus' Specialty Winter Card Set.The MMMM! and HAPPY birthday digi stamps are from the GOSH! stamp set by Kellie Stamps.

Pages 3 & 4: I loved Ali's Black & White kit and here I managed to use both front and back of the cards. And ofcourse I had to document the season premieres of Supernatural and TWD.

Page 5: Heart card painted by my daughter and I added the stamping. Two cards from the "Spark" kit here. Me and my daughter have gone perler bead crazy and I have so many fun patterns on my Making Stuff Pinterest board. AWESOME digi stamp from the I am We are You are digital stamp set by  Kellie Stamps.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the spreads I made with the Little Lamm & Co printables. See you soon!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I am sure many.many of you are fans of Kellie Stamps. She has some awesome stamps in her shop. From now on all her stamps are digital, and with that comes a new creative team. When I saw her callout I immediately applied. I love digital stamping and add a bit of digital to every PL page I make. I was so happy to be invited to join Kellie's team, and I am really looking forwards to working with her stamps.

Here's a spread I made to document a 24 hour cruise I took with a good freind of minein September. The "Love it" heart and arrow stamp is from this stamp set that was just recently released.

Cards from Studio Calico and Ali Edwards Story Kit.Printables from Studio Calico.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I almost always run out of PL cards (Yes, I will keep calling them that...) by the end of each month. I end up needing to go into my dwindling stash and mix and match those with the more recent cards. I recently started subbing to Ali Edwards Story Kits, and I've loved the cards that come in her kits so far. They get mixed into my spreads as well. 

I've finished both September and October, and am now waiting to have more November photos to choose from. Every year November is the month when I take the least amount of photos. The weather is grey and drab and not much happens during this month. Last year I only had enough photos to make one spread. We'll see how it goes this month, but I expect it will be similar.

I will share most of my September pages in this post. Here you go!

Page 1: I didn't have enough photos to fill the page, so I found an online image of one of the movie posters for the movie we went to see, and then I added our ticket stubs in the same pocket.

Pages 2 & 3: Lots of photos from different occasions here. And yes, that is my husband and Samantha Fox! I love my most recent Etsy buy, and I added the card that came with the t-shirts I ordered. Me and my husband are both huge Supernatural fans and they have some great shirts and posters,too. And not just Supernatural. I recommend a peek at Unicorn Empire Prints!

Pages 4 & 5: A day in the city, a tired girl and a grass hopper. My husband and a collegue built the "Jesus meeting the children" cut-out frame above. It was used in a cultural event in town. They were given the picture by the church, and while building the frame they were cracking up over the weird placement of one of the holes(The one below our son's face). Not sure what they were thinking when picking this painting!

Page 6: A fall photo and a print-out of a silly Facebook conversation I had with a teacher friend about playing dead at work to get out of recess duty.

I have two more September pages to share, but that is for tomorrow! Tomorrow's post also includes some fun news about a recent design opportunity of mine. See you tomorrow!


Saturday, October 10, 2015


I haven't made a scrapbook layout since I put together my Creative Titles class for BPC. You haven't forgotten to check that out, have you? You can sign up for a free trial right here! There are so many good classes on so many subjects - scrapbooking, pocket scrapping, mini albums, photography, organizing, mixed media etc.

Since I don't subscribe to a scrapbook kit anymore I don't have a steady stream of new products coming in and preassuring me to do scrap when I'm not feeling it. I really like being able to buy a kit here and there, and this time I got Brimfield - the Studio Calico September kit.

I hadn't scrapped our vacation photos yet, so I set to work on those. I collected a whole bunch of them and cropped twelve of them to 2x1,5", and then four more to 1,75x1,5". They ended up on a twopager, like this:

Our son has started taking guitarr lessons, and he is really loving it. We're a creative family not a sporty one, so I'm very happy that he's found a hobby that can grow with him. 

We are also a bug loving family! We have been known to avoid vacuuming in certain corners of our laundry room because spiders live there, and even toss flies into the webs. And how cool is the huge caterpillar I found on the gravel road outside my school? It was the size of my index finger. A friend later told me it's going to be a stag beetle

The layout has hidden journaling that comes out whe you remove the arrow paper clip.

As you can see I've added bits and pieces from other kits I had collected, but the papers are all Brimfield.


Saturday, October 3, 2015


Most of the time when I design a layout it's moving photos and pieces of paper around on the table, but sometimes I will design the layout in PSE. Then it only needs printing and assembling. Those layouts usually comes together very quickly. Especially this layout that I plan to share with you. I started out looking at this pin:

The layout is going to document our hotell in Mallorca, so I opened up a few images in PSE and started figuring out how I wanted them placed. After placing them out on a blank letter sized canvas, I decided that in order to make the layout a little more dynamic I needed to add A) at least one circle element and B) a photo with people in it. I picked a photo of the kids outside the lobby and used the cookie cutter tool to crop it into a 1,8" circle. My plan was to punch it out using my 2" circle punch, and I wanted the photo to have a white frame. I also added some journaling in the same spot as the pin.

I printed two separate images. One with the photos hidden, on cardstock. And one with the journaling hidden, on photo paper. If you look closely you will also see a few unfortunate orange paint splatters that my daughter made by accident. She was sitting across the table making puppets from toilet paper rolls. One of them was a fox, thus the orange paint.

And here is my finished layout. All the pieces assembled and title and embellishments added. 

All materials, except the flair, is from Studio Calico kits. The flair is designed by Brandi Kincaid and more of her designs can be found here! Brandi also has her own Etsy shop where you can buy digital items but also make custom orders!