Wednesday, December 17, 2014

November PL

November is awful for taking pictures here in Sweden. It's so dark, and this year it's been even worse than usual. Stockholm had 2 hs of sun in the entire month! This means I didn't take many photos this month, so one spread is all I have for my November PL.

Materials: SC Walden PL kit


Monday, December 15, 2014

My first Park Ave. layouts

I only got the scrapbook and PL main kits this month. Limiting the number of products I have to work with really helps my creativity. I've actually cancelled my scrapbooking subscription at Studio Calico. December was my last month. In the future I'm only getting the PL kit monthly, and then buying scrapbook products when I need them or really like them. It will take some pressure off that I have been feeling when not being able to use up a kit. I don't want to spend money on items that will sit in a crop bag. Well, here are my first two Park Ave. layouts:

I couldn't believe my luck when I found two whole sheets of POW paper in my stash! One silver, one gold. I really miss those papers and I would lovefor SC to start carrying them again. On this layout I used my craft knift to cut out some of the diamonds on the patterned paper. I then backed it with the silver POW, and added some silver sequins. That's a lesson I learned from Lisa Truesdell. Always add some thing circular when you have many straight lines and sharp angles on your project.It really softens things up.I love how wintery the layout feels, as if it's covered on ice crystals. For the words on the photo I used these templates by One Little Bird. 

Our daughter takes dancing lessons "in the city" as she calls it. So this adorable cityscapepaper was a perfect embellishment. The journaling is about her stagefright, and about her being sad that she was too shy to perform at their dance recital. That's what the tile is for - move forward, don't dwell on this one. Better luck next time sweet girl!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello Christmas

I've started in on my December PL pages. Since the only holiday themed PL cards I have are from the SC mini addon kit, I also went through my stash and added any and all cards I could find with a Christmassy feel to them. The photos I had were from several occasions so I scattered lots of circles over the pages to make the spread feel cohesive.

I spend the entire yesr waiting for my favorite tea shop to start carrying their Christmas flavoured teas again. To document what flavours I bought this year I cut and punched pieces from the golden paper bag the one of the teas came in, and wrote down the flavours. Saffron & chili, mulled wine and orange & cloves.

My favorite card turned out to be the top left one on the second page. It's a photograph of my son's class singing for us at their annual Advent morning celebration. Someone from the audience had their big head right smack in the middle of the picture, so I punched out a circle and stuck it on top. It turned out really nice!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Halloween PL

I loved the Halloween PL card addon that came with the Studio calico October kit, so I wanted to use as many of those cards as possible. I put together a full page for Halloween. The kids and me also had some fun with our photos at

The Halloween embellishments are from the Witch Hazel line from October Afternoon. I think it came out two years ago, but I still have some leftover product.I'm very fond of everything Halloween so I tend to hord it. ;)


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Is what I do when I don't know what else to do design wise. Because a grid aaaaalways works.

Two-square grid:

For me a page without a living thing is too boring. So for this autumn quote page I added this photo I took of a Mourning Cloak butterfly I found inside a hollow branch. Isn't it beautiful? I used gold ink on the veneer heart and then I wanted to sew the twine into golden rays coming out of the heart. I later noticed it looks more like a spider. But hey, it goes with the bug theme, right?

Four-square grid:

This layout is about a trip to the city to visit grandma. The pumpkin photo is just for added interest. And I love that happy little fox! It goes well with the smiling cloud and the picture of our daughter. I did some off-stamping because I didn't want the title to take center stage. The veneer leaves are cut from a wreath that came in one of the SC Walden addons. The strip on the bottom is navy, and matches Nea's sweater. And yes, that mango cheese cake was delish!

Six-square grid:

These photos are from the same occasion as the top layout. We had a picnic in the meadow next to our house. It's used for grazing sheep in the summer, and full of large rocks and fallen trees, and so much fun for the kids play with. Initially I wanted to do a digi stamp title and had a nice one that said "wonder" - I think it was from a class taught by Shanna Noel. The stamp never made it onto the layout but the title was already in my head by then. I also took a tip from Nicole Samuels and traded one of the letters for an image. 

All materials are from the Walden kit and addons.


Monday, November 17, 2014


I love the colors of the Studio Calico PL kit for October. They went so well with my photos for the month.

I have two more pages for October to do, before I start in on November. It's such a hard month for photographing. It's SO dark here in Sweden nothing really turns out good. Last year I only managed two pages for the entire month. Looking forwards to some snow falling to lighten things up!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Putting together a capsule wardrobe is the best thing I've done clothing wise in my whole life. It's amazing! The idea is to have a closet filled with just clothes you need and like for the current season. To open the door and be able to pick anything in there - wow! It takes so much stress out of getting dressed. Everything fits, everything goes together, everything is right for the weather and temperature.

So how do you do this? You start by sorting your clothes in piles. One for worn out or damaged items. Throw them away! One pile to donate and/or sell. Be honest with yourself! Does it fit? WILL it ever fit? Do you actually wear this? The next step is to put away the clothes that doesn't match the season. Pack them in a box and put into storage.

You are supposed to end up with about 37 pieces. This does not include pajamas,workout clothes, underwear or accessories. I decided not to include things I need to wear because of rain or extreme cold and such either. I don't wear those things to look good. (And I don't, believe me!)

Now some of you will have too many items by now, and some of us (me!) will end up with not enough. If you have too many, pair down again. If you don't have enough, look at what you have and write a shopping list. What is missing? 

The reason I ended up with not enough clothing (especially pants) was because I decided to get rid of my "when I become skinny again I will wear this" clothes. I was sad to see some of it go, but I feel so much better now when I don't have to look at those tiny little pants and think about what I need to do to fit into them. Let it go!

To learn more about this I recommend the Unfancy blog. That is where I found the capsule wardrobe planner, which is very helpful. I printed it out on sturdy paper and cut the pages down to 5x7,75". I didn't use all the pages but picked out the ones I felt were useful to me. I stapled them together and glued the last page to a piece of packing for rubons by Crate Paper. It has a punched hole at the top which means I can hang it on a nail in my closet. Perfect!

I used the Stylebook app to keep track of my capsule wardrobe clothes, and I love it. You photograph your clothes and it easily removes the background from your photos. I then used PSE to put together a collage that I taped to the page. So much easier than writing everything down! 

I'm all about comfort and have a tiny budget so it's not a fancy wardobe at all. Just clothes I love and feel comfy in. I'm no fashion blogger so I won't share my wardobe here unless anyone is interested. If you are, put a comment below!

If you put a wardrobe together I would love to hear about it!