Thursday, February 19, 2015

PL February

This February our son turns seven. Seriously, what happened?! It feels like he'll be 14 and then 21 in just a few blinks. Crazy!

Because of his birthday I've been sorting my photos for PL a little differently than other months. I wanted to keep the photos from him waking up in the morning on one page. I hope you appreciate the card Nea made for him. That's Dante dancing under a disco ball. Appearently he forgot his pants that day.

I also wanted the photos from the birthday celebration with our extended families on one page. How cute are all these cousins?! I added a whole bunch of older Studio Calico digi stamps to this page. The background on the cake photo was much too busy so I used the magic wand tool in PSE to erase it.

Because of this the other photos of the month is out of order chronologically. I find it unpractical to be rigid about chronological order. This is the first page of the month. More old digi stamps on this one!

The production of art pices and drawings is insane in our house. I'm sure it's the same at most houses with kids. Some you keep and some... Get lost at night when the artists sleep. It's impossible to keep them all, so I've started to photograph my favorites and add them to our PL album. Here's "Princess with glittery dress" by Nea.

Thank you for stopping by!


Sunday, February 15, 2015


I've been really missing some cool alphas in the Studio Calico kits for quite some time. Give me some thickers already! But for the month of February I got something better than thickers. These huge black cardstock alphas are so cool! Look what I made with them:

Story: I did an interview with our son for his seventh birthday using the same questions I did last year. It will be fun to see how his answers change as he gets older. SJU means seven, so that was a perfect title. The photos had to be converted to black and white because they were taken in our bedroom when it was still dark outside, and they were really fuzzy. I added a few gold details and a pop of pink too. Happy birthday sweet boy!

Story: I took this photo during bath time and I don't have much to add. It didn't need any journaling or anything, just some pretty papers.

Materials: Cirque scrapbook and PL kits

Happy Valentines Day friends!


Friday, February 6, 2015


Oh no! Where did the time go? With the new year I decided to aim for a 100 blog posts this year. There is no room for a two week skip! For five of those days I've been sick with the flu, but for the rest I have no valid excuse.

And so the "On The grid" class have started. I was in awe over the first lesson. OMG! How much amazing inspo was in there? If you're in the class you know what I'm talking out. I'm pretty sure this is going to be my favorite Studio Calico class to date. Because, you know, GRIDS!

I've been digging into my stash when scrapbooking this year. I'm sort of attacking all my older kits at once, and am having a great time just mixing everything up. Walden is a huge fave of mine, and will soon be gone. 

I've really gotten into hybrid scrapbooking, and often design my layout in PSE. Then I delete the layers that don't go on the background, and print. Add the remaining pieces, embellish, done!

Here is a photo grid layout I made last week:

Materials: Studio Calico kits Walden, The Underground and Hello, Hello.

We haven't had much snow this winter so I wanted to document the few really snowy days we've had. I put the photo collage together in PSE, and left some space above my journaling to fit a title. I didn't have a plan for the title, so after printing I just picked out some alphas I had in my stash and played around with the. This is what I liked the best. Those veneers are awesome! I still had some space left after adding the title and I love how this black border sticker anchored the page. 

And here is another grid layout that is quite different from the first: 

Materials: Studio Calico kit Walden and Baker Street addon, Far Far Away digital brushes

On january 2nd our son woke up in the middle of the night and exclaimed "I want to go to that place where you psark underneath the building, and there are little rooms that you can play in." Then he went back to sleep. So IKEA it was! When we got there more people had had the same thought, and so we had to wait a long time to get our lunch. This is me trying to entertain him while waiting for daddy to bring our food. I LOVE this patterned paper, and it really felt like IKEA to me. I can totally picture as one of their fabrics. I decided to cover half of the page in this paper, and the other half with some sort of grid. I designed this layout in PSE as well, this time planning the title and printing it and the journaling but hiding the photo. After printing I added the photo printed on glossy photo paper, the tag and stitched on the floral paper. 

I actually did order the scrapbook kit for February and it arrived today. So fast! I'm hoping to get some time to create this weekend, besides celebrating our son's 7th birthday and taking our daughter to her first dance class of this semester.

Have fun creating!