Friday, September 25, 2015


I'm sure we all have those photos where we only had time to take one picture or we took a bunch but only one of them turned out good. And we want to use those photos, how do we add them to one page and make it cohesive?

Most of my PL pages have a theme like a birthday, first day of school, spending the day in town etc. And then at the end of the month I'm stuck with a bunch of random photos that doesn't really go anywhere. Often the chronology of those photos don't matter, it's just a random photo of something that happened that month.If I take a picture of the books on my nightstand to document what I'm reading at the moment who cares what exact date it was? 

If there isn't enough photos to fill a page I print out pictures of TV-shows I'm watching, the kid's favorite book at the moment, the musioc I'm listening to etc. Here are my random pages for the month of August:

What about you? How do you use your random photos?


Thursday, September 24, 2015


Every time our kids have a birthday I do a short favorites interview with them. It's so much fun to see how their answers change. In August Nea turned 6 and this is her interview:

Favorite color: Pink
Favorite toy: My craft supplies (Yeah!)
Best TV-show: Lazy Town
Favorite outfit: My kitty cat onepiece
Favorite game: The Lost Diamond board game
Favorite animal: Ladybug
Favorite song: Sov du lille videung
Best breakfast: When I got candy raspberries for my birthday
Favorite drink: Fanta Exotic
Favorite holiday: Easter

What I want to be when I grow up: A teacher
Favorite movie: Paranorman
Favorite snack: Popcorn
Favorite food: Mix your own salad

I also made these two pages with pictures from her birthday.


Saturday, September 5, 2015


The last to weeks before schoolit was just me and the kids. I can't drive so we had to think up things to do that didn't require a car. One day we took the bus into our nearest town to visit the amazing Pelle Svanslös playground.

On our way there we walked through the university park and the kids discovered the old viking rune stones on display. They got really excited and ran around wanting to find all of them. They found fifteen in all, and wanted me to read the inscriptions on all of them. (No, I can't read runes. They all had interpreted signs, haha!)

The three photos taken infront of the river are my favorites. The kids were looking at the ducks, when I asked them to pose for a picture with their backs to the water. My daughter went to put her arm around her brother and he thought it was a duck attacking him. He screamed and jumped around - see the first photo. The other two photos is them cracking up over it.