Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I've never been much of a cardmaker, but Jen J's 35mm gallery last month really inspired me. A little late in the game I realized that cards are a GREAT way of using up the last bits of a kit. Especially those pieces that I wouldn't use on a layout. For me it's the pink rhinestones. They looked great on some cards though. I was in a hurry to give my cards to co-workers before the spring semester at school was over, so I didn't photograph them all, but this top one was my favorite.

I used Prima chalk ink in Tin Can to color the edges of the button.


PS: Please notice how well my nailpolish coordinates with the card, haha! It's China Glaze in Sea Breeze. An awesome gray!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Midsummers Eve!

Today we celebrate the summer solstice, Midsummers Eve in Sweden. I found this funny video clip on Swedish Midsummer traditions:

And now on to sharing some pics from the day.

This Rhubarb Cake is cray-ay-zee delicious! Here's how to make it, google amounts to convert:

150 g of butter
3 dl sugar
2 eggs
3 dl flour

200 g rhubarbs
shredded coconut

Butter a pie dish, and "bread" it with the shredded coconut. Cut rhubarbs into inch wide pieces and fill the pie dish. Melt the butter in a pan. Take the pan off the heat and mix the other ingredients right into it. Stir just enough to mix, not too much! Spread on top of the rhubarbs. Bake in oven for 35-40 minutes at 175 degrees Celsius. When done, the cake has a thin crispy crust, but is gooey on the inside. Serve warm with vanilla icecream.

Just a note about picture at the right. When I brought my daughter this outfit she gave a fierce protest. You see, the dress and the pants were not the same color. This girl is TWO years old! She agreed to put it on when I showed her that the seam around the dresspockets is the exact same shade as the pants. Which, ofcourse, I had thought of... What have I created?

And ofcourse I can't leave you without a picture of The little frogs dance. Because YES, we really do it. Around the maypole. Every year.

I hope you enjoy the above picture. Because it's not often you find a photo of a phallic symbol right outside a church. (Yes, that silo looking thing is a church.)

Happy Midsummers to you all! / Magdalena

Sunday, June 17, 2012


The starburst trend has been around for a while. Inspired by this thread on the SC forum, I decided to try to make some of my own. I wanted to do a rainbow starburst but I actually strated out with this layout with a funny picture of my son, who's very annoyed I'm always taking his picture:

I used the So Cal kit plus the Venice Beach add-on. Also Mister Huey's in Inky Black and Opaque White, a Take Note badge and the Heidi Swapp Instagram frames.

The next layout did get a rainbow starburst. I cut long triangles of PP, no measuring, and adhered them next to eachother on white cardstock. Then I cut the shape out and stitched it into place on the Amy Tan PP. Some Inky Black Mister Huey's and matching buttons and I was done.

This is my daughter pretending to fly a kite, using to crossed sticks. It was the first time I'd seen play pretend and I'm so happy to have caught it in a photo.

I found a lot of inspiration in the SC gallery for my layouts, and I thought I'd share a few links:

April Foster  Jen Jockisch  Marcy Penner Amber Engel


Thursday, June 14, 2012

All in a days work

So Cal arrived two days ago, and today I had some time to sit down and play with it. I worked my last day today. Yay! And only for about an hour, so I had many hours alone at home before DH and the kids came home. Since I was by myself I decided I'd rather work on our dinner table. This may or may not have been the state of the table when they arrived home...

And this is what I made...


Products besides So Cal: JBS Chicken Feed ink, Versafine Onyx Black ink, Sunshine Mister Huey's, Clay Mister Huey's

And I hope you didn't miss that the layout below was featured on the Studio CAlico blog as the Layout of the week. I was SO happy to hear about that!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Killing kits

Happy birthday to me! I'm one Studio Calico year old. I started subbing with Paper Moon last June, and have now made my first add-on purchase with my 10% rewards customer discount. The kits have been piling up a bit and having a stash stresses me out, so I decided go go through my kits and see what I could use. I have previously killed Paper Moon and Mind the Gap. I usually want to really use all that I can, so "one last layout" is my mission. With Boardwalk I couldn't do it. It didn't fit my style to begin with, so I just took it apart and saved the two packages of twine. Next I looked at Handmade. That is one of my favorite kits to recieve so far. Especially the alphas are wonderful. Those limegreen exclusive Amy Tan letterstickers in the Main. Yum!

And for your information this kit is still available. Here! That month I only got one add-on, Tatting:

In February I blogged a list with the number of layouts I'd made with the kits I'd recieved so far. You can find it here. As you can see I've made 10 layouts with Handmade so there really wasn't much left, but I loved it so much I had to try and make something with it. I had actually purchased an extra set of those colorful Amy Tan leaves, so I had those to use as well. This is what I made:

I almost only had numbers left from the limegreen alphas but I still HAD to squeeze them in. I loved how a fall kit went so well with a spring layout.