Saturday, September 27, 2014


This Saturday I have the honor of being selected Layout of the Week at the Studio Calico blog. It's my Stars layout from my last blog post that is being featured. Happy news!

I'm also sharing one more layout from the crop last weekend. This one went through quite a makeover after I got home.

The reason was the artificial lights at the crop which was held in a basement. What looked like photos, papers and embellishments in the same shade of green turned out to be four different shades when I got home. It didn't look good.

I had to use a much bigger photo than I originally did to cover up the rips in the paper after removing everything, but I ended up liking this layout SO much more. It was totally worth the extra work.


Sunday, September 21, 2014


So this Saturday I was at my first crop ever. I was with three friends of mine, and we were very productive and had a good time. I made 5 layouts in the 9 hours we were there. A few of them still needs a little tweaking before they're completely finished, but I'm really happy with that result. 

The hardest part for me was not having a printer for my journaling. I tried both a roller stamp,journaling by hand and not doing any journaling at all. 

When me and my neighbour arrived we immediately noticed we had brought very little stuff. I had a small bag of tools plus my IKEA desk organizer with the Studio Calico "Poet Society" kit. The majority of the people there had actually brought more stuff to the crop than I even own. Hilarious!

The Poet Society kit was very easy to work with and was more than enough for me to have products to pick from all day. Here are two of the layouts I made:

I had cheated a tiny bit by printing the grid ahead of time. The bottom layout is for a Pen and Paper class challenge.

Tomorrow it's time for my contribution to the Pen and Paper class to be posted at Studio Calico. You can still enroll for the class. I highly recommend it. Laura Kurz is an amazing teacher. Here's a sneak from the project I made:


Monday, September 1, 2014


It's the first Monday of the month and it's time for another 12 in 14 challenge by the Stromsvigt DT. This month's prompt is "minimalistic". Something that should suit me, right?

Here's what I made:

I had a hard time finding that last piece that made it feels finished, but when my husband suggested I'd add something yellow it all came together. Unfortunately there was a misfortunate stapler malfunctioning, but that's the only yellow star I had left so it is what it is. I had my son sign his name to the tag since he's the photographer. That's me reading the morning paper, while little sister watches the kiddie shows.

This is also my layout for the second assignment in Laura Kurz' "Pen and Paper" class. If you haven't joined this class already, go do it right now! (Yes, you still can.)Laura had me sobbing with just the introductory video. Yes, she is really that good!

Since the class is about writing I wanted to add a translation of my journaling for those of you that does not speak Swedish:

"Lately Dante has been borrowing my phone to take photographs. His pictures aren't always pretty and sometimes they are out of focus, but he photographs our everyday life. Mommy, daddy, sister, messy rooms and bath towels hung up to dry on a door. He's also taken a whole lot of crazy photos the entire family have laughed at really hard. So thank you, Dante, for helping me document our everyday life! I hope you will keep on doing so."

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