Saturday, March 31, 2012

A tip from Amy's class

One of the tips from Amy Tan's Stretch your kit class that has stuck with me is to always pick up one or more colors from the photo. I've been doing it ever since I took the class, and I'm liking my layouts much more. Not one of them has ended up in the trash. I recently shared my favorite etsys with you. My fave new shop is Glamour Damaged that makes hats in fun colors. This week my "slouchy rainbow beanie" arrived in the mail. Making a layout about this one turned out be fun, with all the colors to pick up!

I kept the business card that came with the hat and tucked it under the photo. It pulls out with the piece of airmail twine.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Speedy scrapping

I'm an extremly sloooow scrapper. I can sit and stare at a layout for hours, add something, take it away, put it back... Ugh! So when I saw this challenge on the Studio Calico forum I dove right in. The challenge is to create a project in less than an hour. I managed TWO. This was my first and it took me 42 minutes:

I had a wrapper for something in the kit laying on my desk, and I thought hey, I'll add that. I'm still in love with the JBS Cough Syrup ink I bought with the March kit.

The next layout took me 13 minutes, but I used the SC Sunday sketch to create it, so it feels like I cheated a little.

 And here's the sketch I used:


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Loving Story Hour

I've really loved working with Story Hour this month. Right now I only have the Illustrated and Atlas add-ons, because my Encyclopedia still has not arrived.Looking forwards to those wonderful journaling cards. Here's a layout I made today. I bought a 1/2 inch circle punch about two months ago, and haven't gotten around to using it until today. Don't know why! I love those tiny circles.I put them on there because they reminded me of all the gravel that's covering the streets now after the snow has melted. I can't wait for the street sweepers to remove it. That's when spring really starts!

I made this for the weekly challenge at 2peas. The challenge is to lift a Garden girl. This isn't so much a scraplift of a particular layout as a style lift. I drew inspiration from Jen J's entire March gallery. Thanks for the inspiration!

The journaling tells about how incredibly far I have to walk to pre-school everyday after we moved. It takes me 50 minutes to drop the kids off and then walk to work. It's exhausting! I don't have a driver's license so the car isn't an option. Luckily they have gotten in at a much closer pre-school starting August 1st. But until then...

A quick tip: I found this great blog post by Rukristin. It has some great insights on what to do when your stuck in a creative rut. I think you'll enjoy reading it.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

A new home

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ettnytthem (19)ettnytthem (20)

A new home , a set on Flickr.

I made this mini album to keep everything about our new house together in one place. I've recorded our move and then taken a picture of each room in the new house. With each picture I've made a list for things that needs fixing or buying. I also added pockets and envelopes for storing magazine clippings, ads and reciepts.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My favorite Etsys right now

1. You need a knit rainbow cap from this store!
2. Fab and funny pop art prints right here.
3. Multicolor dip-dyed hair extensions. Love these!
4. Flares and badges galore right here.

Any tips for me?


Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I decided

I while back I wrote about a decission I made. As always the spring season is a bit heavy for me. I'm not a spring person. I get tired and down when the snow starts to melt. Nature is at it's worst, all bare and dirty. I'm not at all for the pastell colours in the stores. Just not a fan of spring. I've been feeling stressed out and not at peace. Moving has been part of it all ofcourse, but I was beginning to feel less inspired about the DT work I was doing at Magdas. I pondered back and forth, and finally decided to step off the team. I will scrap for me only. Maybe a guesting somewhere. Possibly a sketch DT sometime in the future, where I can use my own supplies.

Here's a layout I made about my feelings for spring. I feel that the photo of my feet with the naked tree reflecting in the puddle describes it very well.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Story Hour

I've started creating with my Story Hour kit. The main is only okay this month, but the add-ons were absolutely amazing! Illustrated - the tag bag. Atlas - the papers. And Encyclopedia... Well, it wasn't in my box when it arrived. I couldn't believe it. I was SO upset! Silly maybe, but true. I was so so happy to snag add-ons 1 and 2 at reveal and then it's not in the box. I e-mailed customer service and luckily they had one more to send me. Phew! But it'll be another two weeks before I can work with it. I also got add-on 3 after looking through the DT gallery. I love the papers in it.

Here's my first two layouts:

I wanted to try and use the Illustrated add-on only for this layout. I made it except for the title alphas that are from the main. Love that red JBS Cough Syrup ink!


This layout is about my children's love and fascination for snails. I used the glassine bag that the main kit fabric flowers came in, and filled it with confetti. An idea I spotted at one of Lisa T's pages this month. I embossed the stamp with white Zing.

/ Magdalena

Friday, March 16, 2012

Guesting at Molly's scrabooking

This month I'm guesting at Molly's scrapbooking. I recieved some goodies from Crate and Studio Calico. Here are my first two layouts I've made for the blog:
For this one I drew and then handcut the title in the same PP as the background.
Other materials: stamps from Studio Calico and Technique Tuesday. JBS chicken feed ink, Studio Calico rubons

This layout is made from the Studio Calico Sunday sketch.I used the Studio CAlico chipboard clouds as a mask.
Other materials: Mister Huey's in Dewey, Studio Calico stamp


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Spring sunLittle guyCityYum!MeSpider
Pippi LongstockingTrippinWay homeWalkingCollectingPile

12on12, a set on Flickr.

These are my 12 photos taken on March 12th. for Elizabeth Karchner's photo challenge. See the rest of the participants on her blog here:

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