Saturday, May 3, 2014

NSD with Studio Calico

I am so excited to finally get to tell you about my part in NSD at Studio Calico! I am one of eleven rewards members that have been asked to do a challenge and post it in the forum. You can find my challenge here!

My challenge is to use digital elements for a scrapbook layout, a PL spread or a card. I chose to do a PL spread because of the chance to use as many different digital elements as possible.

Here is my page:

For two of my photos I have used digital stamp brushes. They are a great way to add interest to a photo. I love using them on closeups or landscape shots. For the bottom one I did a drop shadow. It can almost give the illusion of having used a diecut. If you don't know how to do a drop shadow on a stamp brush there are great tutorials on youtube. 

I also used a free digital template from Paislee Press to do the picture with the three photos. If you have seen my PL pages before you know I use the template all.the.time. Ofcourse you don't need a template. You can also just add the photos to an empty canvas in PSE or Photoshop like I did at the bottom left picture. I added the journaling at the same time.

The red XO circle is part of a printable sheet designed by Tina Aszmus for the Camelot kit. It's in the SC shop right here. I punched out two of the circles, glued them back to back and stitched them in place. I then added a few star sequins and sewed the pocket shut. 

When adding printed journaling to a PL card I use washi tape to adhere it to a regular sized paper and run it through my printer. Mostly it works perfectly, but ofcourse this time it didn't. The card slipped and the journaling ended up too high up on the card. I solved it by sticking a cork embellishment bellow. It almost looks intentional, doesn't it? ;)

Now go make something for NSD already!


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