Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is too much! Someone just suggested me as a guest designer for Studio Calico. I can't believe it. I love you, mysterios person!!!! To quote Wayne and Garth "I'm not worthy!". Look at the people I'm mentioned with:

How fun! Here's my shortlist for future guest designers:
Valerie Bishop
Melissa Mann
Lexi Bridges
kobakyon (SC member name)
Margrethe (SC member name)
Rockermorsan (SC member name)

nati (SC member name)
Gracie (SC member name)
temmylove (SC member name)
Megan Klauer
Marcy Penner
chelseavan (SC member name)
allieH (SC member name)
MandyK (SC member name)
Amelia Khalik (SC member name)
CC Jenn (SC member name)
dmbd (SC member name)
norcha (SC member name)
Tami G (SC member name)
.... I know there are sooooooo many more talented scrappers from the SC community who'd also be fantastic GDT! I'm always excited for the GDT announcement/gallery! :D

Monday, June 27, 2011

Creative scrappers sketch #161

I really like working with sketches. Here's one from Creative scrappers:
This sketch was very graphic, and I like things a bit more chaotic, so I decided to mix it up a little. I used both rectangles (top row photos), squares and circles. Once again I used the Poladroid program to make a mock Polaroid. Love it!
Materials: SC JUne kit, Baker's twine, some Sassafras letter stickers, Basic grey buttons, and some Studio Calico diecuts, rubons and stickers.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I hope you have discovered Pinterest! An amazing source of inspiration, both for layout design, color combos, titles and journaling. Lisa Truesdell has a challenge up on the SC forum right now. Check it out! I'm taking part in the challenge using this layout:
Materials: Lots of paper from the new Jenni Bowlin line, also paper and decos from the SC June kit. To this I've added some 7gypsies rub-ons and also a ticket, Jillibean soup corrugated shapes, Crate paper sticker and chipboard, a chipboard frame from OA, some tissue tape from Tim Holtz and then some... A real mishmash this time!

I used this pin for inspiration. Which one will you use?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Using stickers

Sasha Farina just had a layout up on the SC blog where she used lots of stickers and hardly any patterned paper. She had also used a pp for the background in her photo. I was really inspired by her layout, and made my own. I really like how it turned out. The stars on the side came together by coincidence. I noticed a small stain on the cardstock from me using handlotion. (Apparently this shade of blue stains very easily.)So I needed something to cover it up with, and came to think of those rubons. Glad that stain was there!

Materials: SC Paper Moon kit plus various SC stickers and rubons

I put the journaling on the back, because I felt that it would take away from the layout. I had a whole story to tell! It's about how Buzz Lightyear potty trained our son. True story! It was way past time for him to stop using diapers, but he just wasn't motivated. So my husband said, go without for a week, and I will buy you a Buzz Lightyear figure. Worked like a charm!


Cards for the teacher

My kids just had their last day at Daycare for the summer. I made these two cards for them to give to their teachers, together with some chocolates. 
For the top card: (Glad sommar = Happy summer) I used a circle punch to make reverted round cormers on the pp.
For the bottom card: (En riktigt skön sommar = a really great summer) I used the raygun stamp and some machine stitching to give the impression of a squirt gun.
All supplies are from SC June kit.


Friday, June 17, 2011

A quick one

The second SC June kit layout came together really quickly, in 1,5 hs. That's very quick for me! I'm a sloooow scrapper. One layout will usually take me a couple of nights to finish. 

 I really love those little yellow buttons. The best part is they already have adhesive on them. The green spatter is Mister Huey's in Pickle.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My first SC layout

I've finished my first layout from the Studio Calico June kit. I was really inspired by Lisa Truesdell's "Super Three" layout. I loved the misted star with stitching around it and the peakaboo beams. I used the black cardstock and cut it up in strips. Then I cut matching strips from 4 different pps to make the beams. And yes, I DO realize it would've been easier to put the strips on top of the black cardstock rather than under it, but I like the look of this. Also misting the stars would've been easier BEFORE I cut up the cardstock... Oh well, I used the cut away black strips as masking. I also started with the beams coming up from the bottom left corner. That is why the numbers are facing that way. I then decided I liked it better with the beams shining down on the photos.
Materials not in the kit: Studio Calico wood veneer stars used as mask, October Afternoon Sprinklers in Paper doily

I also want to share the story of the photos. Me and my son bumped in to Dipsy, his all time fave Teletubbies character, at an event for kids. My son, then almost 3, thought it was "The REAL" Dipsy and he went absolutely NUTS! He was laughing and screaming hysterically and was so giddy I could barely hold him in my arms. That's is why the above photo is all blurry. Too cute!

Sorting things out!

Here's how I continued my unpacking of the SC box. And yes, I AM an "ordningsdjävul" - a devil of order :D I like to keep things color coordinated and in piles of logic. I also find that kits in general does wonders for my creativity. I think it is having only so many products to choose from, rather than the infinite numbers of products in my drawers. Here's my embellishments pile:
And here are all the patterned papers laid out in a rainbow. And yes, I have cheated a little. I already owned some of the pp that was in the other add-ons that I didn't buy, so I laid those out as well.

And here are the papers I will use as the base of my layouts. I count nine of those, so I guess I will make 9 layouts from the SC kit this month.
This is a picture of all of the piles together. And no, I'm not this lucky! This isn't my scrap table. It's our dining room table. I guess we'll be eating in the kitchen for a while ;)
Closest to the camera are my photo envelope and my sketch book. Our new PC is arriving this afternoon. I'm hoping they've been able to make that back-up of all the files from our old PC that crashed last sunday.
Happy scrapping! /Magdalena

Monday, June 13, 2011

First kit has arrived!!!

I'm SO excited! My first Studio Calico kit ever just arrived. I was so excited to open the box my heart was racing and I had flutters in my stomach. I'm like a kid at X-mas :D Follow the reveal...
THE BOX! Slightly damaged, nothing broken...
The bags inside! I got the Raygun add-on. I SO wanted that filmstrip stamp from Countdown and the fantastic Smash tape from Stardust, but they were sold out. At least I can get the tape as soon as SC stocks up on it again.
The main kit. My favorite parts of this is that AMAZING diecut paper from OA, the red number paper from SC and those cute little yellow buttons. Still waiting for the SMASH products...
The Raygun add-on! Favorite parts are the number brads, the Return voyage pp from OA you see peeking out here and that tiny raygun stamp. I know exactly what photo to use the stamp with. 
NOW: The BAD news. Our PC crashed yesterday due to a thunder storm. Our new PC wont be delivered until Thursday, meaning I can't print any photos until Thursday at the earliest. Probably not until Friday, since most of Thursday night will mostly be installing and re-installing everything.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fake polaroid

I found a program called Polardroid that you download for free, and it turns your pictures into polaroids. This is the first photo I tried making. I wanted a really girlygirl layout that matched my daughter's dress.

Materials used: White and kraft cardstock, paper, stickers and chipboard from Emma's shop by Crate Paper. These supplies can be found at  Mollys scrapbooking. Other supplies used: doily, vellum, buttons (MME) and that lovely green paper in the background is from Collage Press.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 on the 10th - a lil late

I found this at Shimelle's blog:

"10. Things. on the tenth of the month. Something brought to you by the participants in Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers starting today. Each participant will share something totally of their own creation – but always ten things. Some will share ten photos, ten crafty ideas, ten sources of inspiration, ten recipes, ten things in a collection… always ten things and always on the tenth of the month."

I know I'm a little late but I'll take part anyway. My 10 favorite scrap items:

1. Kraft cardstock
2. White cardstock
3. Dana lim's roller glue
4. Tim Holtz Tiny attacher - BRILLIANT!
5. Chipboard, chipboard, chipboard (Crate is a fave maker)

6. Stickers - labels, words, borders... (LUV Studio Calico and October Afternoon)

7. Patterned paper of course - right now I favorize the lines Rocket Age (OA), Toybox and Emma's shop (Crate)

8. My You Do papercutter
9. My printer for printing photos pronto!
10. My completely irrational sketchbook for inspiration, shockful of scribbles, and loose pages tucked in.
Hope you'll be back for 10 more next month!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Något till eleverna

Som lärare får man ju oftast en present av klassen. Jag tycker då det känns bäst att ge någonting tillbaka. Jag har gjort 23 sådana här kort att ge till mina elever på avslutningen. De ser lite olika ut, men har samma grunddesign. Smart när man ska massproducera. Jag tog vanligt ritpapper i A4-format och skrev ut två sommarhälsningar på, en uppe och en nere. Sen halverade jag arken och vek dubbelt. På framsidan stämplade jag också en hälsning och skrev barnens namn. I övrigt har jag använt papper och dekorationer från Crate Paper och Studio Calico. Allt från Mollys!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

White space

Jag hör till dem som älskar den nya trenden white space i scrapbooking. När jag läste att det var månadens kitutmaning hos Mollys, så tänkte jag att det skulle passa att en av mina layouter var upplagd efter detta tema. Läs mer här hos webtidningen Allt om srap. Man skulle kunna tro att det är lättare att skapa en layout med få element, men för mig är det mycket svårare. Två mästarinnor på white space är Sasha Farina och Tina Aszmus. Spana in dessa layouter av Sasha och Tina. Och här är min!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Å en till...

Här kommer kvällens sista layout för Mollys! Fler följer, troligen på söndag. Den här gången blev det an layout i lettersize som jag börjat gilla mer och mer. Jag ÄLSKAR dessa bokstavsstickers med kursiv stil. Så snygga!

Material: Papper, stickers och chipboard (knappen) från serien Emma's shop av Crate paper. Dessutom orange baker's twine, en virkad blomma och en kanonsöt chipboardfjäril!


More for Molly's

I loved this sketch from Shimelle...
...and I used it to make another layout with my guest designing kit from . I've discovered smooth cardstock. It does wonders for your handwriting. Luv it!

Materials: Papers, stickers and chipboard is Emma's shop from Crate paper. I also added some yellow baker's twine. The thickers are my own from Studio Calico.


Första titten

Här kommer mina första layouter med Mollys gästdesignerpaket. Jag har bestämt mig för att anta utmaningen hos som handlar om att få ut så många alster som möjligt ur ett begränsat antal produkter. Även månadens "Products you love"-kurs hos handlar om detta. Klokt både miljömässigt och ekonomiskt, dessutom en rolig utmaning att se vad kan göra med sina småbitar.

Min första layout är gjord utifrån denna sketch hos Shimelle. Jag stal även några idéer från Jen Jockisch "Snuggled up" i månadens Studio Calico galleri.

Material: papper, stickers och chipboard från serien Emma's shop från Crate paper. Dessutom October Afternoons nya Sprinklers mist i "Paper doily". Handla här! Jag fuskade lite och använde privata thickers (Studio Calico) och knappar (Basic Grey).