Wednesday, April 16, 2014


One of the things I wanted to do for my 2014 PL album is to mix up my page protector designs. It does take a little more work than using all design A, but I like the element of surprise that it adds. So far I've used A, B and F. This time it was time to try G. 

This design is great for me because almost all my photos are portraits. I would say this is because I almost always use my phone for taking pictures. I used quite a bit of digi on this, both stamps and journaling. For the top page I didn't add any embellishments at all. 

I did have some problems when adding the printed journaling to the white/woodgrain card. I always use washi to tape the card to the printer paper but this time the washi removed the print on the card. I never have any problem pulling off the washi on the PL cards from the SC main kit. This card was from an addon and it seems they are of a different quality. I will have to remember that and use my taperoller on the back of the addon cards instead.

And today this was announced on the SC blog!

See you you there on May 3rd!



  1. Your pages look fab, love seeing others use a variety in the divided page styles! I had the same thing happen with the washi tape and printing on a card this time too, but mine was from the main PL kit. :/

  2. I love that you have only used warm earthy tones. I give a great sense of continuity.

  3. Your spread looks fantastic!