Friday, September 14, 2012

My currents

Borrowing this idea for a Friday post from Tina Aszmus:

Seeing: a bag of fresh out of the dryer laundry that needs to be put away
Smelling: clean sheets (we have doctor's orders on changing them every day until my son's strep infected wound heals
Hearing: my daughter talking herself to sleep "Poop, poop, poop, poop..." I guess it's a new version of counting sheep?
Having: a sugar craving
Eating: nothing
Drinking: a cup of hot saffron chili tea
Feeling: deeply impressed that my son takes his 2x3 antibiotic pills a day without complaints. He's only 4!
Wanting: a raging metabolism

And I was so sure my Central High SC kit would arrive today. My fellow Swedish subbers got theirs yesterday. I even went to the mail depository and asked them to look for my package. They're not allowed to do that without me bringing the package slip, but they did anyway. That's a perk of living in a small town I guess! It wasn't in there though. Disappointed! I had scrappy plans for the weekend. Better luck on Monday I hope.


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  1. Jeg pleier også å få min pakke fredagen rundt den 15., men ingenting her heller. Kanskje i dag? ;)