Monday, September 17, 2012

December Daily inspiration

December is now only 2,5 months away! Over at the Studio Calico forum there are already several discussions on the 2012 December Daily. If anyone does not know what December Daily, or DD, is find out from it's original creator right here.

I finished my December Daily in February this year. I know that if I don't get to things right away they stay undone. I never actually posted my last batch of pages, because I figured in february noone was interested in seeing them anymore. But here are the ones I posted:
I know I wrote down my thoughts on how I would do my next DD somewhere, but not on my blog it seems. What I did good last year:
  • I pre-made a foundation
  • I kept up
  • I like the size, the overlay first page, and the baseball card page protectors.
What I will do differently:
  • I will end it at day 25, rather than at day 31. I kept up until Christmas, and then I pooped out a bit. Christmas was over, and I wasn't as motivated.
  • I won't make such an effort for every page. I'll have a simple idea and stick to it.
I wan't to have a place to collect all my favorite DDs from last year. They are not links to complete DDs but just enough to get a feel of what their albums are like.

@ Paislee Press
Marcy Penner
Alison Waken
Lisa Truesdell
Vee Jennings 

Please share links to your favorites with me. I'd love to have em all in one place!



  1. I love what you did with December Daily last year. What a great book!

  2. Your December Daily is really great inspiration!

  3. Thanks for sharing these. I missed Liz's when she shared it! Stunning!

  4. Love your DD from last year! Although I love the idea of a DD album, I don't think it's for me... Don't think I would be able to keep up:-)