Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A conflict

I'm sure some people always get the most postive feedback on their favorite scrapbooking layouts. And then there are some others, like me, who rarely like the ones best that gets the most comments in the galleries. It's a funny thing. It almost never adds up for me. And I'll be honest and say that it causes a bit of conflict in me. I don't want to be on a DT ( I tried it and it was too stressful for me) and being published is nice, but not that important to me either. But I do like getting positive feedback. I love all the sweet comments I get in the SC gallery. And I love when people tell me exactly what it is they like about my work, because it's nice to find out what your strong sides are. So at times I struggle with the dilemma of making what I, and a few likeminded, enjoy looking at and what usually gets more attention.

What I like about a layout is when it really feels like me. I decided to look back at my SC kit layouts of this year, to see which layout got the most comments and which one is my favorite from that particular kit. It would be fun to see if ever the two are the same! So here goes:

County Fair
 most comments       my fave

Daydream Believer

Story Hour
most comments                           my fave

City of Lights
most comments          my fave

  35 mm    
most comments           my fave

So Cal
most comments           my fave

Elmwood Park
most comments         my fave

Summer of '69
 most comments      my fave



  1. LOL.. yes, I get that too. My fav, is not usually the crowd's favorite. but that's okay, I think. We're different. Everyone is different. Just keep doing whatever is making you happy, and you're good! I love your style, your choice of colors especially.

  2. What a fun comparison! I have to admit I like getting sweet (& honest) comments as well and tips on how to improve.. But to me scrapping is like therapy, to relax, so just like you I don't need the stress of a DT or publication.. I just want to make pretty pages for me.. And my loved ones:-)

  3. Hi, there are a couple of thoughts crossing my mind about that lately. Very interesting post, this. I think in the end the most important is to create something that we love. Greetings from Germany!