Saturday, March 31, 2012

A tip from Amy's class

One of the tips from Amy Tan's Stretch your kit class that has stuck with me is to always pick up one or more colors from the photo. I've been doing it ever since I took the class, and I'm liking my layouts much more. Not one of them has ended up in the trash. I recently shared my favorite etsys with you. My fave new shop is Glamour Damaged that makes hats in fun colors. This week my "slouchy rainbow beanie" arrived in the mail. Making a layout about this one turned out be fun, with all the colors to pick up!

I kept the business card that came with the hat and tucked it under the photo. It pulls out with the piece of airmail twine.



  1. I also loved that tip I learned from Amy;s class! Fun layout! I love how you kept the business card with the photo. Great idea!

  2. awesome layout and super cute hat!

  3. Super duper awesome layout! Love all the colors and the little squares....and I love the hat too! :)