Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finally unpacked

My scrapspace is finally unpacked and extended with an 8-square IKEA Expedit shelf.I gave my 4-square to the kids. And no, I don't have much stuff! I try to limit myself to only buy what I use up. The desk and chair was made by a relative of mine and is from the late 18th century.

I'm tempted to also share some photos of our new kitchen. It's so big! Love it.

And here's a layout for Amy Tan's Stretch your kit class challenge to use a piece of what came in the mail. I cut off my old address and used in a layout about moving. The journaling says that the only thing I'll miss from the old place is the mangler in the laundry room. I would always mangle the kids' sheets, because my mom always did that for me and I loved it.



  1. love the kitchen, very sleek! I need to heed your advice about only buying what I use ;) Great page too!! hmmmm, not sure what a mangler is though??? i will have to look that one up!! haha

  2. super cute blog! Love that layout, too!