Thursday, August 25, 2016


I knew that catherine Davis' class Design School would blow me away, and it has. Her design skills are beyond amazing. I've made as many layouts for the class as I've made for the rest of the year all together. So much inspiration!

Here's the layout I made after reading through the Typography lessons.

This is how you illustrate your title and cover up the fact that there is only one E in the kit. I drew inspiration from this pin.

I found that what I struggle with in design is movement. I'm not fond of too obvious designs like putting too much emphasis on the visual triangle or using really obvious arrows to point the viewer in the right direction. Subtle is my game! When I found this washi tape I knew it was discrete enough to work as my arrows towards the photo. 

Here is another movement layout I did, using sequins to symbolize the waterfall we had just come down.

I'd also like to share a sneak for Kellie Stamps August release. This month her stamps are birthday themed. You won't be disappointed! Full project will be shared on Saturday the 27th.

See you on Saturday!



  1. They all look great! Especially love the 1st one, where the secret peeks a bit from behind the paper

    1. That was the idea I had. Thank you so much for looking!