Friday, August 5, 2016


This week I'm taking part in GISHWHES, the great international scavenger hunt created by actor Misha Collins. The idea is to spread a little kindness and weirdness to the world. In the last leg of the hunt we are being asked to raise donations for two Syrian refugee families in dire need of medical help. I ask that you click on this link , and if you want, donate to these families in need. A little bit from us means a whole lot to them!

I will be sharing my team's GISHWHES adventures after the hunt ends!

To also share a little happiness I present to you this pineapple page I made for Catherine Davis design class. The second lesson was all about scale, and since I'd already made a large photo layout for the class I decided to go small for my second project.

I knew I wanted to make a paper piecing pineapple so I searched pinterest and came up with this pin, that is actually a quilting pattern. I also found this quote which I thought was cute.

Peace and love to you all!


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