Tuesday, August 9, 2016


As we planned our family vacation this spring there were two things we as a family wanted out of our vacation. 
1) Visit Legoland
2) Swim in the ocean
From this came the decission to do a road trip to Legoland in Denmark and stop by the beaches of Skagen on the way back.

The album begins with an infographic on our trip. I layered it over a photo of the ocean, and then printed it on vellum. The "road trip" digi stamp is from Kellie Stamps Go See Do set.

Our first stop was Gothenburg, where we stayed at this hotel, which was a little too big in my taste. There are lots of youth sports events going on in Gothenburg in the summer, and at our visit the hotel was shock full of young volley ball players. The breakfast buffé was raided and it was hard to find a table to sit at. We also had several issues with their parking garage that had no signs pointing out the elevators, the exit or the box for leaving your key card when checking out. We did like the room which was nice and clean with bunk beds for the kids, and it was within walking distance from shopping and entertainment.

It took us about six hours to drive to Gothenburg, and we checked in at our hotel at 2 PM. We took a walk to the Universeum and spent the afternoon there. The "read this" speech bubble is an old rub-on that I unearthed when going through my stashed Studio Calico kits.

This vellum pocket came in a PL kit from SC at some point. It holds our tickets and a journaling tag.

We had dinner at an awesome restaurant called Dinner 22, where our son ate "the best fries I've had in my whole life". "Ate this" printable from the Nosh set by One Little Bird.

From Gothenburg we travelled on to Herning in Denmark. First by ferry to Frederikshavn, and then by car down south to Herning. That's about a two hour drive. I cut down a transparency to mark the new location. Digitals from the Road Trip elements by Paislee Press.

The Herning hotel was a small cozy Scandic with a wonderful lobby and restaurant. There were limited parking spaces but other than that it was perfect. The breakfast was amazing and had lots of room for the guests. The clientel was business people and families with children. The day after arrival was spent at Legoland in Billund.

After three days in Herning we drove back north to Frederikshavn for a two day stay at The Reef, a Caribic themed hotel with a huge pool area built up in the middle of the hotel. It includes a wave pool, several jacuzzis, a kids pool area and a large water slide falling all the way from the top floor of the hotel. The restaurant food also differs from other Scandic hotels in that it includes Caribean dishes. The dessert table is divine! I printed a photo of our hotel room wall on vellum to use as a divider for our new destination. In this section of the mini I've added lots of digitals from the Soleil set by One Little Bird.

Frederikshavn is a beach town with lots of restaurants in the centre, but it sort of gave the feel of having left it's golden days behind. The streets were empty and many stores had closed down. The weather was not beachy at all, so that may account for some of the atmosphere. We didn't get to swim in the ocean after all, since it was cold and rainy. We did take a day trip to Skagen though, which was well worth it despite the weather. Such a beautiful place!

Appearantly it wasn't too cold for some to walk into the ocean, get washed over by a wave and be soaked all the way up to your armpits. And no, we didn't bring towels or a change of clothes.

After the day spent in Skagen it was time to drive back north and return home. 



  1. Det sägs att det inte existerar något sådant som perfektion, men här kom du väldigt nära. Så fint!!