Saturday, August 13, 2016


When July begins it's time for me to start a new Project Life album. The plan was to do 12x12 for the second half of 2016. I put together four pages, and I hated how it looked. I went back and forth on wether to stick with it and eventually get used to the size again or, order a 9x12 instead and redo the pages. After starting a thread in the Studio Calico forum and recieveing the advice from someone that I should do what makes me happy - that's what crafting is for!- I decided that yes, I'm redoing the pages. I will from now on be sticking to 9x12. No more thoughts on going back to 12x12. The end!

This is the title page for the second album. The letter cards are from the SC Pool Party scrapbook kit, and the photos were taken at Skagen beach in Denmark.

I didn't want to leave the back of the page blank, but adding full size cards to the back of the letter cards would ruin the look of the title page, so I stuck letter cards to the back too, doing a "Summer" title page.

I've chosen not to share all my July pages, but here are some I picked out! This is a page about the Children's obstacle course event that our kids took part in. It's organized by the Swedish gladiators from TV and the proceeds go to the Children's Cancer research fund. The kids had so much fun "fighting" the real gladiators and we will definitely do this next year again. The colour photos are taken by a photographer at the event, and the black and whites are mine. Template and digi stamp by Paislee Press.

The next four pages are from our road trip to Denmark. You can read more about our vacation and see the mini album I made in my previous blog post.

Lots of One Little Bird and Paislee Press goodies in this spread!

And here is the last page for July I'll be sharing. The photo's are from a visit to the Furuvik zoo. The sweet little boy is a cousin. I love the photo of me and Nea on the park bench! She's not grumpy, just exhausted from walking all day in the heat. It was a great day that ended with us winning a box of twenty chocolate bars, another box of eight snack bags and a stuffed R2D2, see bottom right.

Now I'm waiting for my August kits to arrive so I can start in on my August pages.