Sunday, January 25, 2015


I have started 2015 without a scrapbook sub. I've been subbing to the Studio Calico kits for 3,5 years,so it's a big change. Since I started PL I don't make as many layouts, and I have at least 15 partial kits in crop bags. My biggest reason for quitting my sub was actually environmental. I cannot defend buying new stuff, using up natural resources to do so, and poluting the air while shipping them to me, when I already have so much lying around. Other reasons were money and space being limited, and wanting to make other priorities at the moment.

So right now the only new products I have coming in regularly is the PL kit. Those gets used up to the last bit every month. I will buy a scrapbook kit every now and then, when I really like it. But mostly I need to dig into my stash. 

All my old kits are partial, which means I already used up my favorite parts of the kits I have. I don't scrapbook for memory keeping, for that I use PL. Scrapbook layouts are all about creating pretty things because I enjoy it. That means if I'm not 100% happy with it, it goes in the trash. So. After two abandoned layouts I made this:

Fridays are my favorite day to pick up the kids at school. I got off work at 2 PM so even in the winter it's still bright outside. We have time walk home without a rush and find things to do on the way. On this Friday we did some shopping, Dante lost a tooth at the grocery (hence the awkward grin in the photo), they climbed a snow pile by the gas station and we admired the sun set. Yes, it took 1,5 hours to walk the normally 10 minute walk home. It was lovely!

The lovely winter landscape is PL card from the Far Far away kit. I cut the black square from a card that originally said Happy New Year. I was trying out a few different pieces of paper when making the grid I liked the "New Year" square tilted. I couldn't handle leaving white space inside the grid though, so I added another square in a linear position underneath. The chip board triangles from the Park Ave. scrapbook kit had a bit of a New Years Eve confetti feeling to go with my title, so I added those. I edited the digital Far Far Away PL Adventure stamp brushto say new adventure, instead of today's adventure. Just use the eraser tool in PSE, then add text and last merge the layers, and you have a new stamp. 



  1. Love your blog! I have been stuck in a reading rut since I finished my last book so I was happy to see your 2015 reading challenge. I am a big chicken so no really scary stories for me but the prompts were promising. TFS