Sunday, January 4, 2015


This is the last post in my "15 before 2015" blog post series. It's techinally not before 2015 anymore, but I never did well with deadlines anyways. The last post contains my favorite 5 photographs taken in 2014. 

This is one of my favorite photos ever taken. It's so colorful and happy and really conveys how much fun they were having. I also love Dante's smile with the front teeth missing.

The soft light in this picture is so perfect. Dante got to pick out a toy at the Kolmården Zoo this summer. He named it Goldilocks, and it's been his favorite toy ever since.

Because I love her hair. That is all!

During an excursion in the woods next to our house I found this Mourning Cloak butterfly inside a hollow tree branch. It was so unexpected since it was fall, and really too cold for any butterflies to be seen. I took this photo, and then covered it with dry leaves. I hope it survives the winter.

Not an amazing photo in any way except for the subjects in it. Just a sweet moment while waiting for daddy who was inside the store buying "brusselsprouts" ( really it was stocking stuffers, hehe).

If you want to add your 5 before 2015 you still have a few days. Go here! Enjoy the new year everyone! 


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