Thursday, January 1, 2015

HAPPY 2015

Happy New Years everone! I hope last night turned out the way you hoped and that 2015 will bring you happiness. We had a quiet family night at our house - floor picnic infront of a movie. We had promised to wake the kids up at midnight but they never fell asleep because of the fireworks that were going off all evening. 

As I went through all my posts for 2014 for my "5 favorite posts of the year" I felt that many of them were quite boring. I've been keeping our life fairly private but as I read all the posts I realized that also means unpersonal. The plan is to write a bit more personal things in 2015 to keep things a bit more interesting.

It's time for my 5 favorite projects in 2014. Click on the images to get to the blog posts on these projects.

It was really hard picking out my favorite projects this year. I've made fewer layouts than before because of project life. That has meant only making layouts with my favorite photos and products, and so I really like everything I have made. I decided to pick these because:

1. I was really happy with how this mini album turned out. I've used the template twice more after this album.

2. I wanted to pick a PL spread that represents my style, and decided on this one. Mixed pocket designs and lots of digi.

3.  It's my favorite two-pager of 2014. This was the year I tried out making two-pagers for the first time, and I actually liked it.

4. Again, I love Pinterest! Another Pinterest inspired layout.

5. Also I love grids! This is one of my favorite grid layouts of the year. 

Speaking of grids I'm happy to announce my contribution to a new class at Studio Calico taught by Marcy Penner - On the grid. I was so happy to be asked to be part of this class. Grids are my absolute favorite! I'm so excited to see what everyone will make.



  1. I don't know HOW you managed to narrow it down to just five because I love ALL of your projects!! :)

  2. Beautiful projects Magdalena. I just signed up for the class. I love grids too.

  3. Your layouts are beautiful. I have a couple in my inspiration book at studio calico, the last is my favorite. Michelle t