Saturday, March 1, 2014


I've tried to learn more about using digital products for scrapbooking and PL. Youtube is a great source for tutorials on how to do things. I'm still not very good at it , but I'm learning. 

My February PL pages are finished. This is page number 6, that pairs up with my son's birthday party page:

The "yes please" and paint splatters are digi brushes from the SC Toolbox class. I used the color dropper to match up the color with the "sweet" printable card. I also added splatter to that card, plus journaling. I had issues with the colors not printing the same from PSE and pdf-files, and I haven't completely solved that problem. If you have any tips, I'd gladly take them! I also used several oplder SC digi brushes and a template that came with the Antiquary kit. 

And this is my last spread for February:

Again I used the frame templates and a free collage template from Paislee Press. The last to pockets is about our family trying some of the new icecream flavours for 2014. The photos of the icecreams came out really bad. Instead I found these high resolution png-files for downloading GB Glace's own site. Gotta love that!



  1. These spreads are so fun! I love the colors!!

  2. Love the spreads and how the colors coordinate so well!