Monday, March 10, 2014


Most of my photos have been taken with my iphone 4, and the camera isn't very good. Just a little bit of bad lighting and the pictures come out really grainy. My tricks for still being able to use them on layouts and in PL is to either turn them black and white, or to make them tiny. That's what I did on this layout:

These are photos of my daughter unpacking my SC box, which is something she does every month. I will tell you more about that later in the week. The plan is to make a kit unpacking video tomorrow when my kit arrives.

When making the layout above I was inspired by this layout by April Foster, in her Copper Mountain gallery.

As of last week I have an iphone 5s, so hopefully my photos will be better. I love how sharp the photos of the layout turned out.

Happy spring people!



  1. Great idea for bad quality photos! I love the that she helps you unpack your box every month too. So fun!

  2. Love your layout! I also use the black/white and smaller size tricks to hide photo flaws. Works wonders!

  3. I've done this too with less than nice photos! Love the design of your page with the row across the top and the embellishments down vertically!

  4. This is such a great idea! I love your layout.