Thursday, February 20, 2014


The Sugar Rush PL kit is disappearing fast! For my Valentines Day page I asked the kids to each make a card. We also took some goofy family photos just before bedtime. Here it is:

Because it fit better with the page protectors the following page is actually dated before Valentines Day. I used lots of vellum on there. I especially liked how the vellum circles looked like bubbles so I punched out a bunch of different sizes and stapled them to the bath time photo. I colored in some of the veneers with a gold leafing pen.

Before I've always had difficulties printing on vellum. It takes forever to dry and I always manage to smear it. This time I chose the quick print/sketch alternative and the ink dried really fast. Here's the full spread:


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  1. Great spread! I especially love the soft colors on the right side :)