Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy news times two

In January there was a LOAW challenge on the Studio Calico blog to submit a project for publishing. I submitted a few of my projects and now in March I figured I wasn't going to hear anything. So... I gave the card I'd submitted to a coworker for her 65th birthday. About a week later I get an e-mail requesting publication in CARDS with that project. Ofcourse! So as embarrassing as it was, I actually asked my co-worker if I could borrow the card and send it in. She was very happy for me, and gave it back to me. But still! I felt bad for her. I promised I'd give her the card back plus the magazine when/if it gets published.

Isn't it also funny that the only thing I got a request for is the card. I've made ONE card from a SC kit since I became a subber almost a year ago.

So now I've had the joy to create and post this sign in my online galleries:

And yes, the card is removed from this blog as well ;-)

I have also been asked to do a small guest job for another blog. Here's a sneak of that project:



  1. Wonderful news! I understand how you feel about having to ask for that card back, but it is a wonderful reason and she will get it back. Way to go my friend!

  2. Congrats on both! Loved your story about the card! :)