Sunday, January 24, 2016


I went back and forth for the looongest time, on deciding the format for my 2016 PL album. I finally settled on 12x12 for the first half of the year. Then my Mint Hint Color Theory 9x12 album arrived in the mail and... well, have you seen it? It's gorgeous! I can't save it for fall as I had planned. So it's another 6 months of 9x12 for me.

I really liked that Studio Calico's Arendal kit had lots of cards for the new year. They put less and less seasonal cards in their kits, and I understand why, I really do. But I prefer the seasonal cards just the same. Since the cards were so lovely many of us used them on our intro page so I was thinking on how to personalize my page so I did some messy stitching on the 2016 card. I have also mixed in items from Ali Edwards' Heart story kit and a new years addon that came with the SC November kits. The colors of the three kits went together beautifully. On the back of this page I'm planning to add the goals I've set up for myself this year, but I haven't finished that page yet.

I find the color peach a bit creepy, but I like the design of the monthly 4x6 card we get with our SC kits, so I used it anyway. The two cards on the left are from the new years addon too. There are enough calendar cards to last me through the year, so I have decided to make them a monthly recurrency. I like the idea of picking a word to focus on each month, and for January I picked routine. After almost three weeks off from school and work we need to start over making up our daily routine. I wrote the dates by hand, and then marked out afew special dates with some vellum star stickers. The numbers are still visible through the vellum. Daily digital stamp from the "Circle it today and yesterday" digital stamp set by Kellie stamps.

After a sadly warm December, we've had a lovely cold and snowy January. The kids are so happy! There's an ice skating rink at our kids' school that we can use on our days off, just a short walk from home. And hot chocolate never tastes better than after spending a few hours outside in -23 degrees Celsius. Yum!

As you can see many of my embellishments are from past SC kits, and unfortunately I don't remember their names. I like using up my stash. Emptying a sticker sheet is very satisfying! I love phrase and words stickers for PL. The bottom card is from a printable TV and movie set by Hello Forever. I actually suggested this for a mini card kit so I was really happy to see it in the shop this month. If you are a BPC member you can see Marcy Penner using these cards in her Pocket Prompts class.

In the matter of just a few weeks three great men passed away. I feel they deserve a page all to themselves, so here it is. Again I'm paring up the Arendal kit and Ali's Heart story kit. 

Have you settled on a format for 2016 yet? And have you started in on the new year? I'd love to see your ideas for 2016!



  1. I love your pages! Thank you for sharing them. My girls are grown, so there's not much for me to do with PL, but it would have been great as they were growing up. Now my daughter sends me pictures from college for me to scrap, which I love and I scrap my dogs a lot :) Great work on your pages!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'll be sad when the kids won't let me take their pics anymore!