Monday, February 22, 2016


Our son Dante just had his 8th birthday, and per tradition I document that by doing a birthday interview. This is the third year of doing this. I originally got the idea for this interview from a page that Barbara Picinich did with the Copper Mountain kit. 

I used a combination of SC kits and Ali Edwards' Story kits to put my page together. 

Here's the Q & A's translated to English:

Favorite colour: orange
Favorite toy: weaponry
Favorite TV-show: "Some Assembly Required"
Favorite movie: "Hotel Transylvania"
Favorite breakfast: PB & J
Favorite drink: Orange soda
Favorite food: pancakes
Favorite candy: chocolate bars
Favorite game: Disney Infinity
Favorite song: "Success" by Samir & Viktor
Favorite outfit: dark blue jeans, shirt and bowtie
Favorite holiday: Halloween
Best friend: Oskar Samuelsson
What I want to be when I grow up: a chef, a director and a musician

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the back of this page, which is for Valentines Day. See you then!



  1. What a great page! My daughter just turned six and I was thinking I needed to do a "currently" layout too! Really like how you used the pocket pages---maybe I will have to try this as opposed to a traditional layout :).

    1. Looking forwards to seeing your page. I hope you'll be posting it at SC!