Friday, January 1, 2016


The old year is to an end,and it's time to wrapup the 2015 Reading Challenge. Did you take part in the challenge this year? I really enjoyed as it got me back to reading books this year. I came nowhere near the 50 books the challenge called for, but my personal goal was to just read more. I enjoyed having the different boxes to check because it made look for new books and authors I may not have read otherwise. I have still stuck to what I enjoy, which is the horror genrĂ©, but I have still tried a few new things within my interest zone. Here is the list, and the boxes I have checked: 

At the beginning of the year I put up a Pinterest board where I pinned all the books of the year, plus a very short review of each book. All in all I read 14 books, 6 crime novels, 5 horror novels and 3 autobiographies. One of the autobiographies was more of a horror novel, very hard to tell what was real and not. 

The book I enjoyed the most was Mr Mercedes by Stephen King. I was surprised to find it to be a crime novel with no supernatural overtones whatsoever. The main characters is a very likable retired police officer and his cohorts are very likable as well. He is drawn into investigating a crime by the unknown perpetrator of a massacer of people queing up for a new job. 

I have set up a new board for the all new 2016 Reading Challenge. So far there's only the checkbox list, so if you want to take part this year but haven't seen the list, go check it out!


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  1. Fun! After finishing my masters degree last september I was finally able to get back into reading. I had created a little challenge for myself to read 12 books, but sadly I didn't come close. I did start reading again though! Would love to do a challenge again in 2016, but I'm afraid that I still don't read nearly as much as others.. there's just so little time!