Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Do you add your children's art to your layouts or PL? Most of the time I put the whole drawing in a page protector and add it as an insert. This time my daughter had drawn the cutest little self portrait as part of a larger drawing. I loved it, but didn't want to add the full page, so I asked her permission to cut it out and add it to "our book" as I call it.

Beside it I added a quote from her that she often says while drawing. "I am totally fan-TA-tic!" She can't say the letter S, so she leaves it out. 

I've seen other ways that people have added their children's work to their pages. Here's an example from Barbara Picinich where she scanned them and added the images to an empty white document. Love that!

Catherine Davis made an awesome layout featuring the scanned art work in small frames on her page.

And Pam Baldwin added her son's writing to one of her layouts. An idea I'm totally lifting!

If you have any links to your own work featuring children's art, or you know know of someone else's that I haven't posted here, I'd love to see!


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