Saturday, January 11, 2014

SC Crop

I hope you are taking part in the Studio calico crop this weekend! This my Challenge #1 layout. Our son was an early talker and he's always been saying the craziest things. To remember all the fun quotes from him I've put them on my Facebook statuses. Here's a collection of my favorite quotes from him during 2010 and 2011.

Materials: SC Copper Mountain scrapbook kit, SC Copper Mountain digital templete by Catherine Davis

For those of you that can't read Swedish, here's a translation:

  • I burn myself on the oven and pull my hand away with a scream of pain. My son's reaction: hystercial laughter and "Do it again, mom! Do it again!" dante 2 yo
  • "Mom, I've gotten so big and I've really long legs. I can TOTALLY reach the floor now!" dante 3 yo
  • Everything Dante counts right now is "one, two, four, five". The other day when I came out of the shower he said: "Mom, you have one, two, four, FIVE boobies!" dante 2,5 yo
  • Me: Are you going to eat your Bolognese? Dante: Naaah, I'm just making a mess..." dante 2 yo
  • Grandma, about your baby sister: "How can so much poop come out of such small tushie?" Dante: You're just jealous! dante 3 yo
  • Dante asks me to start his LEGO Star Wars game on X-box: "I'm gonna be Ki-Adi Mundi and Chewbacca is gonna be with me. We're best friends!" Me: Then shouldn't you be Han Solo? Dante: Are you kidding me?! Mom, you are NOT playing! dante 3,5 yo
Hoping to make and post more projects during the weekend. Happy scrapping everyone!


  1. Hans solo ? Lol. You have one adorable boy. Great lo.

  2. Awesome idea! Kids say the funniest things!

  3. he's precious!!! super cute and smart!! lol..