Monday, January 27, 2014

More PL January

I'm sticking to my intention to try new page protector designs for 2014. Here's a Design F page on the right.

I used: SC Copper Mountain PL and scrapbook kits, Valentine cards, SC Copper Mountain digibrushes and printables

I don't have a type writer, so for the True Happiness card I to figure out how to print my journaling in a circle. I opened up a new file in PSE and sized it to 3x4 inches. Then I added a new layer and used a digibrush to make a circle with a 2,5 inch diameter. Then I added a third layer and journaled inside the circle. Before printing I hid the second layer. I then taped my PL card to the page using washi tape and ran it through my printer again.


1 comment:

  1. design F is my favorite!! :)

    your PL is looking awesome Magdalena! :)

    ps : did you receive the snacks I sent?