Monday, January 9, 2012

Diving back in

I'm so ready for the Studio Calico January kit to arrive! Right now I'm diving back into some of my older kits. I managed to kill Paper Moon, with one more layout. I also made two more from Boardwalk, and these two from Handmade:

My Handmade PP is literally down to scraps. This small sliver was all I had left of the Crate woodgrain paper. You know you like a paper when you've hung on to such a small piece of it :D I still have some of the embellies left, so I'm on the fence what to do with it. Is it dead or not? I kinda don't want it to be, because I loved, loved, loved this one!

The reason I'm going back into my past kits is the news of the Amy Tan class at SC. Read about it here! I really feel that making the most of a kit is something I want to learn. Just attack, make the most of it and be done with it. These not quite killed kits have really been gnawing on my mind! Now when I open them I see that there really isn't much more I can do with them, that I'll like. When all the good stuff is used up, what's the point of making projects from the leftovers that you know you're not going to like anyway? I really want to learn how to give it my best and then be able to move on without regrets. I'm hoping this is the class for me! Plus Amy Tan and Jen Jockisch in the same class - how could it go wrong!!??

Also I plan on getting the main ONLY in February. I know more people feel like me. In order to not have your stash build up too much, some shopping self-controle is needed. So now I've written it down here, and you can hold me to it! I know it will be SO hard when sneaks start.(Today!) In January I caved and got three add-ons. County Fair will never die, I tell you!



  1. I stopped getting kits over a year ago because I had built so much product up! It feels good to just use it all. And one day I will maybe get the kits again, but not just yet!
    That class does sound great though.
    As are your layouts!

  2. I love that first layout soooo much girl! I may have to lift that! Perfect!

    I got the converse custom made through their website. They have a feature where you can customize most any style of shoe they make. HTH

  3. Adore that first one. Love the tags, and especially the fact that you used a photo in motion. Fabulous.

  4. Hi there! Did you ever receive your package from the Creative Type? Thanks for playing along with us! We hope o see more of your fabulous layouts again soon!!!

  5. Thanks for getting back to me. No, I didn't! When was it sent?