Friday, January 6, 2012

December Daily pages 20-24

Again these pages have been done for a while. I'm just bad at photographing them and posting them on here. And I'm still on my penicillin as well.

Day 20: Left side is a collage of some of the Holiday greetings we've received. Inserted is the card we sent. Our little gingerbread girl and Santa boy.

Day 21: Last day of work for me, and last day of Pre-school for the kids. This is my Christmas gift from work. Coffee (which I don't drink, because I'm not that grown up yet...), tea, chocolates and cookies. To the right I've written down all the things we did that day.

Day 22: Since it's Thursday it's time for another page protector. I love these photos I took of the kids. It was their first day of a three week long break from pre-school, Christmas is around the corner and they were S-P-E-E-D-E-D. Running round and round the loop of our downstairs chasing each other. I mistakenly stamped the wrong date on the Ormolu journaling card. Oh well.

Day 23: We baked peppermint chocolate chip cookies. They looked pretty, but they tasted so-so, which is why I'm not leaving you with a recipe! The photo on the right is of my daughter eating a storebought grilled chicken leg for the first time ever. We rarely buy pre-fabricated food, but the day before Christmas Eve there was SO much to do and I was feeling lazy. I have NEVER seen anyone eat a chicken leg like she did. Ha! She was in heaven! So much for mama's homecooked food, right?!

Day 24: Christmas Eve, the day Swedes celebrate Christmas. I made a collage of the day's events. Mostly of our family opening gifts. My mother and brother stayed over. Lovely day!
I'll be adding an envelope with a list of the Christmas gifts we gave and received. I'll photograph it for my next post. Hopefully my last DD post for this time.



  1. Beaufitul work!!I still have lots of pages to go - way to hang in there and finish yours!!

  2. It sounds like you made a lot of fun memories in December and are doing a great job on your album!