Friday, December 23, 2011

DD days 15-19

This project is making me feel good for two reasons. One: I've kept up! Two: I'm using SO much stuff from my stash. I don't have a huge stash compared to most scrappers, but I do have a whole file of unused papers. Since I became a SC subber, I just don't use them. Other embellies and alphas and such make it into my kit projects, but the papers don't. It stresses me a bit that I've spent money on something I'm not using. So this DD thing is perfect!

Day 15: My son was home for 5 days with a fever. He really loves his Lego Star Wars game, and he's very good at it despite being only 3 y.o. Mostly he prefers to play with his father, since I'm not always able to help out if he gets stuck...
Since it's Thursday it's time for another page protector. The straw ornament is from IKEA. I got a big box full, and they're in several versions. I've used them for layouts and giftwrapping for years. We still have a whole bunch left for our tree. I'm really happy about adding the cloves. They smell yummy and Christmassy! I also bought a few cinnamon sticks but they were too bulky to add.

Day 16: This week has really been the week for finally getting the things I've been stressing about done. This evening was gift wrapping. It took me 3 hs. Ugh! And we haven't even gotten that many Christmas gifts, since we just bought a house. Yeah, that kinda drains your bank account :D

Day 17: See, we keep getting things done! Time to decorate the tree. My husband took pictures while me and the kids hung the ornaments but we kept getting in the way and the pics weren't good. I kinda regretted adding that chipboard tree, but oh well.

Day 18: This was the last day my husband had off before Christmas Eve (which is when Swedes celebrate Christmas) so we had to go grocery shopping. We also had to get some last minute Christmas gifts for each other, so we went for the grocery store at the Mall. We'd heard it was absolutely horrible there the day before, with lines going in and out of the parking lot. We dropped the kids off at my mom's. Our son still running a fever, poor thing. We get to the Mall, find parking and go inside prepared for the worst. And it's wonderful in there. Not crowded at all, nice and calm. No lines. We got our gifts. Made time for coffee(well, Diet Coke for me. I'm not grown up yet...)and a cookie at the bakery. Then went grocery shopping, and was able to pick the kids up almost an hour early.

This is my fave spread so far. I love the photos from the store. That's my husband in the middle pushing our shopping cart in the parkinglot while the first decent snowfall for December starts. I love that rack of wreaths I found outside the entrance.

Day 19: I only have a 20 minute walk to work, so I get a little exercise every day.This was my view walking home in the afternoon. I did not add the blue lighting. It was there on it's own. The photo makes it look more country than it is. There's a bus stop just on the left, and an intersection on the right. I noticed the mist in the field and waited for a pause in the traffic. Lovely!

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  1. I just love your photos, that last one w/ the blue is very cool!

  2. I hope your son feels better soon. I love all the little bits and details in your DD and that photo of he intersection is amazing! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Ditt DD-album är jättefint! SÅ inspirerande.