Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interview questions

I found the new DT interviews over at 2Peas and thought I'd fill in the questions myself, for those you who wants to know a little more about me.
my name:  Magdalena
scrapbook size: Lately I've done lots of 8,5x11 layouts and really loving those, but I make 12x12 as well.
camera: 3 different ones, one fancy and two regular ones. I haven't learnt how to use the fancy one yet, since it's my husbands camera. I'll get around to it some day.
music: 80's metal music, and some of the new bands such as Hardcore Superstar that's influenced by the 80's. And I've been really loving Billy Idol lately!
work space:Dining room table
style:  Naive and colorful, and I like using white space
1 or 2 pages: I've never done a two pager. I guess I should just for the challenge!
color preference: Anything bright! I like yellow,orange, green and aquas. For cardstock I prefer kraft, white and dark grey.
favorite product type: Stickers and brads, right now.  
childhood ambition: I wanted to be a bus driver! I liked the idea of travelling the roads and listening to music all day. I don't even have a driver's licensce - ha!
fondest memory: The time I spent at my grandmother's. She would always have little surprises for me. When I woke up in the morning, if it was summer, she'd already been out picking fresh raspberries for me to have with my breakfast. She was the kindest person I've ever known.

soundtrack: Right now the music is not of my choice in this house. Lots of kiddie tunes. My kids love TheBigGreenRabbit songs, especially the Dinosaurs song, the Stegosaurus song and the Rhino song. Check them out!
retreat: Our living room, both for scrapbooking at the dining table or reading a good book on the couch.Love the one I'm reading now:

proudest moment: Giving birth to my daughter!
biggest challenge: Finally trying to get my driver's licensce perhaps? I'm so not motivated, but I need it!
alarm clock: Don't need one. Not even on work days. I have early bird kids!
perfect day: Day off, drinking tea and reading the morning paper while the kids watch kiddie TV or a movie. Taking a walk together, maybe go by some berries. Eat lunch, have berries for dessert. Scrapbooking or surfing the web and drinking Diet Coke while kids nap. Going on a drive somewhere in the afternoon, maybe having dinner out. Hang out on the couch in the evening with more tea. Putting kids to bed. Scrapbook some more!
first job: At 16 y.o. I got a summer job, taking care of the employee cantina at a local hospital. I cut veggies for the sallad table, and put the food and sallads out on the tables. (The food was cooked in the kitchen, not by me!) After lunch hour, I packed the leftovers into aluminum boxes to sell as take-out. I cleaned the tables and swept the floors.  Once I opened a window to let some air in, and a huge crow flew in and I had to chase it all over the room to get it out.
indulgence: Diet coke and waaay too much scrap supplies 
last purchase: A mini rodini outfit for my daughter's 2nd birthday. This t-shirt with matching leggings:

favorite movie: I love the Shawshank redemption.
inspiration: The Studio Calico forums
my life: is a lesson to be learned, everyday

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