Tuesday, July 10, 2018


My June documentation didn't amount to more than four pocket pages and an insert, surprisingly. I have a few more layouts to add into this album, then it's time to move on to a fresh one. I always do two albums a year, switching in July. 

My OLW for 2018 is "no". I've been wanting to improve many of my habits this year, and each month I've picked a new no. My no for June was "No mindless munching". I will pay attention to feelings of hunger and make concious choices of what I eat and drink. I've actually been enjoying my food a lot more and I'll be sticking with this new happy habit. Nothing is off limits, I just eat what I need and stop at that.

The photo collage at the bottom of the page is from a photo session before I was off to a 00's theme party. I had no clue what was popular at that time, so I had to google it. I decided to dress up as an emo. I even found a Rob Zombie t-shirt with an offensive message on the back. 

This is my favorite page for June. With three people wearing yellow it was the perfect opportunity to bring in lots of my favorite scrappy color at the moment. The top photo is of the staff soccer team that played against the 5th graders before the end of the school year. The dress code for 2018 was "movies". The students haven't won for many years and they didn't win this year either. Although how could they, playing against the likes of Batman, Zorro, Harry Potter, Maverick and the rest of the team?

And here we are all dressed up for the graduation ceremony. This year I was actually able to stay for a bit at our kids school, since my school's ceremony didn't start until an hour later. I've promised the kids that I'll stay for the entire ceremony the years they each finish 5th grade, because that is when they will be leaving for Junior High. That's in 2020 and 2021. Oh dear!

I'll only be sharing the back of this insert, since I haven't gotten the clear yet to share the front photos. It comes with a really hilarious story so I'll be sure to share it as soon as I can. 

More yellow! And you can never wear too much pineapple print. I filled up my closet at the Hängmatta webshop. They specialize in super comfortable clothing of high quality. These pineapple print harem pants are amazing!

Nea got a new bike for the first week of summer break and I buzzed my hair off! It was scary when she brought out the trimmer but I'm super happy with the results. I'm never growing my hair long again!

At the end of June my husband turned 40. We celebrated at home, just the family, with a BBQ and bubbly drinks. On the weekend his friends had planned a kidnapping and took us out to dinner. We had a great time! Our extended families had to wait a few more days to come over for cake and cookies on July 1st.

The bottle of bubbly that me and husband shared was actually a gift from the parents of my students. I got a bottle of bubbly white wine, six cans of Diet Coke (they know me!) and a gift card to a fish shop. How great are they?!

Happy crafting!


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