Saturday, September 9, 2017


I was really excited to be asked to guest the Studio Calico creative team for September. It's such a colorful kit that suited my style perfectly. I got to work with both the scrapbook and documenter kit plus the mini book and fall card addons and a few extra stamp sets. You can find all the creative team projects here.

This floral paper was my favorite paper from the scrapbook kit. It looked great on top of the black cardstock. I used the bottom strip of paper to add a bit of punch next to the photo. This is my favorite photo from our summer roadtrip to Dalarna. I love how their cool poses don't match the beautiful countryside setting at all!

Nea had her birthday in August and every year I do a birthday interview with the kids. I used no patterned paper for the birthday interview layout, just every single button in the package! The title stamp got some golden dots from a gel pen.

As I may have told you before I keep my layouts and pocket pages all together in the same album. The layout above goes with this pocket page, that I've made with the August documenter kit.

The first week of August is also GISHWHES week. GISHWHES is short for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It's such a fun event that focus on charity both by donating money but also comitting random acts of kindness throughout the week. You're in a team with 14 other people trying to complete around 200 crazy and creative challenges. The whole thing is organized by American actor Misha Collins. This year GISHWHES saved 40.000 acres of rainforest in Nepal and rescued a dance school aimed at providing a career in dancing for underprivilaged children in South Africa.

One of the items for this year was to get the quote "We create therefor we live" tattooed on your body. I wasn't the one to get the tattoo, but I thought it was a wonderful quote. I put it on this layout to document my parttaking in GISHWHES of 2017. I picked the rainbow stripe paper and cut it in tiny triangles to make it look like a big colrful explosion of creativity. The photo was taken by my daughter. I'm wearing a caveperson costume I stitched together for one of the items.

I wanted to put some of the items I completed in my album, so I put together a pocket page too. I used the August kit with a few other items to make a GISHWHES spread. The items you see here are toys caught in the act, snail yoga, recreating a page from a children's book, recreating a celebrity photo shoot and then tweeting it to said celebrity (check the hashtag #embracereality for more hilarious recreations!), my favorite cartoon character made from spices, an Enochian typewriter, giving flowers to someone exiting a place of worship other than my own, a caveperson demonstrating glass blowing and showing off a teacup and saucer holster to bring a bit of sophistication to the wild west.

I was super excited to have my Rihanna tweet picked up by the GISHWHES team on the second day of the hunt. Don't I look just like her?

Besides the three layouts above I had a pocket page spread in the CT gallery for September. It was all about our day of fun at Gröna Lund, the Stockholm amusement park. We spent the day on the rides and in the evening we got to watch Alice Cooper in concert. Something Dante had been looking forwards to since Christmas.

Come back tomorrow to see the rest of my August pages!