Saturday, March 25, 2017


In the week of Saint Patrick's Day the No/Lo spend thread at the Studio Calico forum issued a "Go Green" challenge. I went with a spread for our Project Life album.

The products for the spread plus the insert is almost all from the Studio Calico The Birds and The Bees kit. The black and white quote cards are from this mini kit. I made the week in review card myself, because I couldn't find one online that I liked. I'd love some tips if you have any! 

Week 11 was a week of spring flowers sprouting, sick kids and a birthday party for an older cousin. I've been making an effort this week to take more everyday photos than I usually do. This is the spread without the insert.

On the Friday of week 11 we needed to go into the city to buy new shoes for spring. Nea needed a bunch of t-shirts, hence the silly photo shoot at H&M. Also the camera on my phone stopped working so I got a new phone, an iPhone 7. The camera is SO much better! Especially when the lighting is bad I see a huge difference from my old 5s. I sliced off one column of pockets to make an insert about our trip to the city. 

This week I accidentally colored my hair black again, and it's my best mistake in a long time. I love it! The box said reddish black, but it's all black. I suspect the red will start to show when the color gets washed out. I'll be buying black hair dye next time! My natural hair color is dark brown, slightly darker than what our son has. (With a husband that has blackish brown hair imagine my surprise when I gave birth to this redheaded girl!)

Nea walking out the door to go bikeriding is my favorite photo from this week.

Looking forwards to diving into week 12!