Saturday, March 5, 2016


The March release from Kellie Stamps is here! I have used the AM to PM digital brush kit to put together a collage of my current favorites.

I used my two inch circle punch to create a fun grid and added a die cut heart to break up the grid a bit and put focus on the photo of me and the kids.

In the center you can see my most recent purchase for the 2016 Reading Challenge, Stephen King's new book The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. I'll be adding a short review of it on my Pinterest board as soon as I finish it. My favorite album at the moment is Stormar by Lastkaj 14,a local band. I warmly recommend finding it at Spotify! My favorite youtube channel for fun nail art is HannahRoxNails.



  1. What a great way to record the "currently"

  2. I really enjoyed this layout in the gallery at It's nice to visit your blog to see your work and how you put it together. TFS...