Saturday, March 19, 2016


My daughter and I love doing perler beads together. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and fun patterns. I've pinned so much fun crafts for us to do and this time we wanted to make something for Easter. 

We started out making bunnies and eggs using perler beads.

After ironing them we let them cool down a bit, then used a glue gun to attach wooden scewers to the backs.

I pulled out some terracotta pots from the shed and we planted grass seeds. This part was a little messy, so we worked outside.

My daughter arranged the bunnies and eggs in the pots, and we placed them in our sunniest window. A week later they look like this!

These will be super cute on our table just in time for Easter. 


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  1. This is sooo cute!! And now I want to pull ours out again. These really came out adorable! Thanks for the inspiration!