Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I almost always run out of PL cards (Yes, I will keep calling them that...) by the end of each month. I end up needing to go into my dwindling stash and mix and match those with the more recent cards. I recently started subbing to Ali Edwards Story Kits, and I've loved the cards that come in her kits so far. They get mixed into my spreads as well. 

I've finished both September and October, and am now waiting to have more November photos to choose from. Every year November is the month when I take the least amount of photos. The weather is grey and drab and not much happens during this month. Last year I only had enough photos to make one spread. We'll see how it goes this month, but I expect it will be similar.

I will share most of my September pages in this post. Here you go!

Page 1: I didn't have enough photos to fill the page, so I found an online image of one of the movie posters for the movie we went to see, and then I added our ticket stubs in the same pocket.

Pages 2 & 3: Lots of photos from different occasions here. And yes, that is my husband and Samantha Fox! I love my most recent Etsy buy, and I added the card that came with the t-shirts I ordered. Me and my husband are both huge Supernatural fans and they have some great shirts and posters,too. And not just Supernatural. I recommend a peek at Unicorn Empire Prints!

Pages 4 & 5: A day in the city, a tired girl and a grass hopper. My husband and a collegue built the "Jesus meeting the children" cut-out frame above. It was used in a cultural event in town. They were given the picture by the church, and while building the frame they were cracking up over the weird placement of one of the holes(The one below our son's face). Not sure what they were thinking when picking this painting!

Page 6: A fall photo and a print-out of a silly Facebook conversation I had with a teacher friend about playing dead at work to get out of recess duty.

I have two more September pages to share, but that is for tomorrow! Tomorrow's post also includes some fun news about a recent design opportunity of mine. See you tomorrow!


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