Saturday, October 10, 2015


I haven't made a scrapbook layout since I put together my Creative Titles class for BPC. You haven't forgotten to check that out, have you? You can sign up for a free trial right here! There are so many good classes on so many subjects - scrapbooking, pocket scrapping, mini albums, photography, organizing, mixed media etc.

Since I don't subscribe to a scrapbook kit anymore I don't have a steady stream of new products coming in and preassuring me to do scrap when I'm not feeling it. I really like being able to buy a kit here and there, and this time I got Brimfield - the Studio Calico September kit.

I hadn't scrapped our vacation photos yet, so I set to work on those. I collected a whole bunch of them and cropped twelve of them to 2x1,5", and then four more to 1,75x1,5". They ended up on a twopager, like this:

Our son has started taking guitarr lessons, and he is really loving it. We're a creative family not a sporty one, so I'm very happy that he's found a hobby that can grow with him. 

We are also a bug loving family! We have been known to avoid vacuuming in certain corners of our laundry room because spiders live there, and even toss flies into the webs. And how cool is the huge caterpillar I found on the gravel road outside my school? It was the size of my index finger. A friend later told me it's going to be a stag beetle

The layout has hidden journaling that comes out whe you remove the arrow paper clip.

As you can see I've added bits and pieces from other kits I had collected, but the papers are all Brimfield.