Saturday, September 5, 2015


The last to weeks before schoolit was just me and the kids. I can't drive so we had to think up things to do that didn't require a car. One day we took the bus into our nearest town to visit the amazing Pelle Svanslös playground.

On our way there we walked through the university park and the kids discovered the old viking rune stones on display. They got really excited and ran around wanting to find all of them. They found fifteen in all, and wanted me to read the inscriptions on all of them. (No, I can't read runes. They all had interpreted signs, haha!)

The three photos taken infront of the river are my favorites. The kids were looking at the ducks, when I asked them to pose for a picture with their backs to the water. My daughter went to put her arm around her brother and he thought it was a duck attacking him. He screamed and jumped around - see the first photo. The other two photos is them cracking up over it. 


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  1. What a fun day out, that ended with a few great stories and an awesome spread. Can't go wrong with pink and green!