Saturday, April 4, 2015


This month I've been taking the Day By Day Chaos Control class at Studio calico. The focus is to add memorabilia to your PL pages. For me most memorabilia collecting is done during the summer, and I had quite a tickets, tags and wrappers to add last summer. Right now I love adding our childrens art to the pages I make. There is no way to hang on to everything they make, but scanning or photographing my faves is doable.

For this spread I wanted to add this sweet letter our son wrote. It translates "I love you so much to mommy and daddy from Dante". Worth keeping, right? 

I also made an insert for all the Easter crafts the kids brought home from school. So cute! Each photo got a little note on who made what. And the Make Something card by Tina Aszmus was so perfect for this page. So glad I got the Maker card set last month!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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