Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I love the digital part of the Studio Calico shop, and I spend more money there most months than buying physical product. It's reusable, the shipping is free, it's delivered right away and you can easily change things around if you like. Plus the designs are awesome. All wins!

This month I got the Lisse Street printables by Geralyn Sy. I loved the "This is the life" card, but I wanted to make it a bit more glamourous. I had the Cirque digital papers already in my files, and one of the papers are glittery gold. I wanted a white card with golden letters, and this is how I went about it:

Open up the card you want to change, an empty canvas the same size as the card and a file with the pattern you want to add to the card. In my case glitter gold.

Drag the pattern to the empty canvas and shrink the pattern down to a size where you like how it looks. It doesn't have to cover the whole canvas, just the part where you want to see it through the top layer.

Then drag the PL card on top of the pattern. Using the magic wand tool click on the parts of the image you want to remove. 

Now that you have everything marked click "cut out". The pattern becomes visible.

I also wanted to change the background color, so I used the paint can and just clicked all the grey areas.

Merge the layers, print and cut!

And here is my page:

Tina Aszmus also has a great tutorial on how to add gold writing to your photos. There is also a link to a place where you can purchase gold pattern images, if you don't have the Cirque digital papers. The difference in Tina's tutorial is that she has the photo and the writing on different layers. That is why her tutorial won't work on the printables that are all one layer. 

Good luck trying this method out! And I would love to see ways that you changed the printables, and learn something myself. Post a link in the comments!


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  1. What a great idea. I'll have to give it a go. Thanks for the tutorial.