Saturday, July 27, 2013

July PL

This month I filled two page protectors. I had much more photos than usual and was anxious that I'd run out of PL cards. Instead I hardly used any at all because I had so many photos. I stole ideas from Kelly Noel and Catherine Davis - thanks for the inspo ladies!

Materials: SC PL kit, Winona addon and the Moments cards

I loved the printables this month, so I used a lot of those. Those wonky mini alphas are my favorite ever. I want 10 packs of them! The triangle template from Catherine Davis was perfect for adding more photos to a smaller space. Here is a forum post where she shares how to merge the shapes. Overall I used more digital elements and also printed my journaling. I like how it turned out!


  1. beautiful spreads, love how clean they are, but with so many little details!

  2. gorgeous pages - I'm just starting PL and these are so inspiring!

  3. your pages are beautiful..I Like all the little details,too.