Monday, November 19, 2012


This blog has been neglected lately. I have been dealing with severe stress and some health issues following that. I'd like to update a bit more often in the future. I have been a bit slow in putting my December Daily kit together. Some of the items I plan to use are in my cart at Studio Calico right now. Hopefully they will stay in there and arrive with my next kit in mid December. I'm planning to keep up, so I will have to do without those things in the beginning.

I'm going very simple this year. I made a page for my daughter's baby album that gave me a feel of what I want to do in this year's DD:

I have also come across some nice products while surfing around the web. Here are some: (all pictures are links)

I have also started a December Daily board on Pinterest. 



  1. I love this layout! It´s so clean and simple but really cool!

  2. Good luck on your DD, I already love this page with the little Santa's, they are adorable!!

  3. I love your page, it is simple but really stunning.
    Thanks for sharing some inspiration, I might have to do a DD board too.

  4. That page is so simple but yet adorable! Good luck with DD!

  5. i'm thinking of going to the simple direction for my PL next year and seeing your layout on top there just confirmed it. yes. going simple :) tha is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Adorable layout. Its just really striking and yet simple with all the white space.