Saturday, May 26, 2012

Things I like...

...but have a hard time using. I'm sure you have these things too. A few items you love seeing in a kit, but when it comes to using them you're stumped. In the 35 mm kit, for me, it was:


To put this together I drew inspiration from this layout by KP and this layout by Tina Azsmus. I often use scraplifting as a tool when I don't know how to use a product. The yellow mist is the discontinued Lemonade Mister Huey's. I really love that shade. I used JBS Malted Milk ink on the changable alphas. After that they wouldn't stick, so I stapled them on.


I love washi but so many times have I added them to a layout and taken them off because I didn't like the look. Badges are also hard for me to use. I think it is the weight and bulk of them. For this layout I didn't do a lift but tried to channel Alison Waken :D

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. The layouts didn´t show, that you had difficulties in using the hexagons, washi or badges. The layouts are amazing!

  2. Just love both layouts. I think you did an amazing job!

  3. love that rita layout! I'm not sure about the hexagons either, I like the idea of them but I'm not sure I am going to able to pull them off!

  4. Both LO's are fantastic!!! I love hexagons, but for the life of me I am too finicky on how to use you however rocked it!